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    About 4x4 Lift Kits

    Whether you're tackling a particularly extreme trail, dealing with the heaviest loads at a worksite, or simply just want to get your 4x4 looking particularly mean, a 4x4 lift kit is the safest and most effective way to properly overhaul your 4WD's suspension. Lift kits raise the ride height of your vehicle anywhere up to the legal limit, giving your 4x4 more versatility and toughness than coudl ever be offered by stock suspension.

    How 4x4 Lift Kits Work

    4x4 lift kits serve two main purposes in not only improving the flexibility and versatility of your suspension system, but also toughening it up as well. Traditional lift kits serve as full suspension overhauls, replacing the shock absorbers and suspension components of your vehicle with either tougher or sportier variants from specialist suspension brands.

    Often, the shock absorbers and springs used in these kits are heavy duty variants with higher amounts of travel. This has the dual effect of improving your suspension's capacity to cope with the increased temperatures and pressures of either off-road driving or load carrying, with the trade-off of a firmed up ride.

    How 4x4 Lift Kits Can Benefit Australian Drivers

    Depending on the lift kit you choose, it can either have the benefit of improving it's handling, clearance and performance when heading off-road, or gifting your 4WD with an increased capacity for towing, carrying heavy loads and remaining stable under harsh working conditions.

    Lift kits also serve a popular aesthetic purpose, and many drivers often raise their 4x4's ride height for no other reason than that they like the way it looks. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this aside from a change in the way your vehicle will handle, but for this purpose some lift kits are designed to either maintain or replicate your 4x4's stock suspension performance.

    We've made sure to tailor our range to some of the most common and popular 4x4s, SUVs and commercial vehicles you'll find on Australian roads. Whether you're looking for a Hilux lift kit or you want to overhaul your Landcuiser, Nissan Navara or Patrol, Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 or even Isuzu D-Max, we have the suspension kit to suit your exact needs.

    Our Range of 4x4 Lift Kits

    Spares Box's range of 4x4 lift kits is designed for pretty much every 4WD enthusiast, off-roader or hard worker that spends their time in their 4WD toiling under the Australian sun. For those who can't resist the pull of adventure off the beaten track, the perform range consists of all the tools you need for the most aggressive approach to all terrains. In contrast, the load range of 4x4 lift kits we stock is designed with more heavy duty components, allowing for the heaviest loads and the most intense working conditions your car can handle.

    Finally, our comfort and enhancement-based ranges offer the aesthetic benefits of a lift kit without compromising on ride quality, while we also offer a selection of entry level suspension kits. These combine high quality king springs and KYB 4x4 shock absorbers to provide a great budget option for 4x4 owners looking for a simple handling and performance upgrade.

    Our entire range of lift kits uses high quality springs, 4x4 shock absorbers and suspension components from some of the world's leading suspension brands, including Bilstein, KYB, Raw 4x4, King Springs and Superpro.

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