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About Air Condensers

Located in the front of the radiator, air condensers release the heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the hot A/C system. Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of air condensers from MotorKool, one of the widely trusted brands for premium quality cooling parts and radiators.

What do Air Condensers do?

Think of an air condenser a bit like a mini radiator for your car's air conditioning system. The idea behind it is to release the heat your air conditioner's refrigerant absorbed while it was flowing through your system. The act of condensation, which gives the part its name, occurs here as the refrigerant and air that has been travelling through your evaporator as a super-hot vapour, is cooled and condensed back into a liquid. This refrigerant is then free to travel back throughout your vehicle's air conditioning system, cooling the air that eventually ends up in your cabin to keep you comfortable on a hot day. As you can see, it acts in pretty much the same way as your vehicle's radiator does with your engine coolant.

Why are Good Air Condensers Important for Drivers?

Having a well-maintained air conditioning system is a must for a comfortable drive and proper ventilation. A multitude of things can potentially go wrong with your A/C air condenser, including blockages from external things like leaves, insects and dirt, internal blockages from small pieces of metal that degrade from older air compressors, as well as seam failures and weld failures.

Without the ability to get rid of the heat it rapidly builds up, the extra hot vapour travelling through your air conditioning can wreak havoc on the components (and in turn the performance) of your vehicle's air conditioning system. In almost every case, it generally turns out being cheaper to simply replace the condenser rather than paying for the labour and the parts to get it repaired.

Our Range of Air Condensers

In order to save you the most money possible, Sparesbox has added a great range of air condensers to its wide range of Air Conditioning components and parts. These condensers are manufactured by Motorkool, one of Australia's premium manufacturers of quality radiators, air conditioning parts and engine cooling components. When it comes to heat transfer solutions, Motorkool really are one of the most trusted names in the industry.