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Alternators & Alternator Parts

  1. $1,925.95
  2. $351.95
  3. $1,313.95
  4. $704.95
  5. Alternator BOSCH 0123212001

    Engine, Engine Code: NGA<
  6. $700.95
  7. $751.95
  8. $579.95
  9. $444.95
  10. $1,362.95
  11. $897.95
  12. $580.95
  13. $444.95
  14. $580.95
  15. $580.95
  16. $443.95
  17. $580.95
  18. $580.95
  19. $580.95
  20. $276.95
  21. $570.95
  22. $727.95
  23. $281.95
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  25. $483.95
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About Alternators & Alternator Parts

Keep your engine and your electrics working in perfect harmony with our fantastic range of OE replacement alternators. Every alternator and alternator mount you'll find here is premium engineered by the world leaders in OEM auto parts, meaning you can be sure of perfect, reliable operation for years to come.

What is an Alternator?

First introduced with the Ford Model T and taking its current form over 50 years ago, the alternator is one of the key hubs of your vehicle's electrical system. While your engine and battery work in unison to power one another, the alternator sits in the middle and provides the current required to keep the battery in a constant state of charge while driving.

How Does the Alternator Work?

In order to do this, the alternator uses a belt, generally attached to a pulley on the end of the alternator at one and a pulley on the crankshaft of the engine at the other end. As your engine turns, this belt spins the alternator which in turn creates electricity. This power is then converted into the 12V current that charges your battery and powers the rest of your vehicle's electrics. Without your alternator, the engine won't have the electricity required to power it's spark plugs, glow plugs, lights or electrical components, making it absolutely crucial for being able to drive your car at all.

Our Range of Alternators & Alternator Brackets

Spares Box has gone to Bosch and AFI, two of the world's leading distributors of OE quality auto electrical parts - to source it's massive range of alternators. Here you'll find over 600 alternators for all manner of vehicle makes and models, all precision engineered to meet the performance and reliability standards as set by your vehicle's manufacturer. If an alternator repair is your goal, we also have a range of alternator fans and voltage regulators to keep your alternator in perfect order.

Spares Box also carries a massive range of alternator mounts and alternator mount bushings from SuperPro, which are made from the best materials to reduce vibration and promote stability where your vehicle electrics come together.