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All the Best Spots, Unveilings and Rumours from the Month of June

Last Month in New Cars: Hybrid Ferraris, Renault Sports, Jags & More


With the Frankfurt Motor Show slowly creeping up and the new car season upon us, the testing tracks of the world have been awash with prototypes and the motoring blogs have been stuffed to capacity with news. And while our humble blog can’t capture everything, we’ve sifted through the juiciest bits of news to bring …
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5 DIY Car Fixes You Can Do With Your Kids

DIY Car Fixes Kids

The holidays are here, and that means your kids are gonna be bored. It also means that they have literally nothing defining a weekday and a weekend for them, so they’ll probably be insatiable for activity regardless of whether you have to spend your precious weekends actually doing chores or not. That being said, if …
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Stay Prepared for Snow, Mud & Everything Inbetween

Our 6 Top Tips for Off-Roading In Winter

Winter Off Roading

Australia isn’t exactly known for it’s extreme winter conditions, but being a part of a sub-tropical environment, the climate can always throw up a random weather anomaly that can catch just about anyone off-guard. While the tropics settle down in terms of heat and humidity, Winter is the time of extremes in Australia’s more southerly …
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Best EOFY Mods for Your Trade Vehicle

EOFY Ute Mods

Whether you’re aΒ Small Business Owner or Tradie, we get it: you love your trusty ute. We also know that this is the best time of year to splash out on kitting out your trade vehicle as much as possible, because parts are cheap and you can claim it back as a business expense. Plus, let’s …
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Ranking the Best Roger Moore Bond Cars

Roger Moore Bond Cars

It’s been a couple of weeks since Roger Moore left us to drink martinis in the sky, but his legacy as one of the 3 best 007sΒ ever will always live on. But Moore will always hold particular reverence with us here at Sparesbox, because Roger Moore was THE car bond. The one with the coolest …
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The Outback Car Trek Gets Underway!

Outback Car Trek Header

Charity drives, meet ups and treks are a dime a dozen these days, but few can boast the uniqueness of the Outback Car Trek. An immense voyage over thousands of kilometres of Australian Outback, the 2017 Outback Car Trek has just taken its first steps in the 28th edition of its incredible week-long journey.   …
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