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9 Gift Ideas for Dad Day

By Peter Uther

Fri Aug 19 2016

Fathers are a tricky bunch. Big department stores do a great job of perpetuating the myth that your Dad just wants some new socks. Lucky for you, Sparesbox is here to make sure you don’t fall into that trap. Check out our Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day and get him what he really wants!

1. Hella I-View Inspection Light

Yes Dad, that's your hand...

Yes Dad, that’s your hand…

This is a head torch inspection light that works like magic. The genius engineers at German powerhouse Hella have come up with a comfortable wearable head torch that can switch on and off with a simple wave of your hand in front of the light. The I-View Inspection Light also has a high/low power setting, rechargeable battery, and is IP65 water and impact resistant. I got one for my Dad, and he hasn’t stopped using it for just about anything including taking out the rubbish at night – you’re welcome Dad!


2. Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Bar Kit

auto glym

Let’s face it – most people don’t enjoy washing their car. Except Dad! Dads usually take any and every opportunity to look after the bodywork on their pride and joy, so why not help him out with this great Clay Bar Kit from purveyors of British detailing perfection Autoglym. The Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Bar Kit is made in the UK and comes with everything you need for clay barring a car. In case you are wondering, clay barring is a critical step that usually needs to be taken before waxing or polishing, as there are nearly always bonded contaminants that are stuck to the paint – think pollutants, sap, tar, and so on. These bonded contaminants will never be removed with regular washing and can actually cause long-term damage to the paint if not removed. The Autoglym Clay Bar with included Autoglym Rapid Detailer will make light work of these nasty bonded contaminants. I’ve actually caught my Dad talking to himself about how good this kit is, so it is literally Dad approved.


3. Autoglym High Definition Cleanser Kit


Following on from our awesome suggestion above, Autoglym also make a terrific High Definition Cleanser Kit which contains everything you need to better prep the surface for waxing or polishing. It’s easy to use as a secondary step after clay barring, and includes one bottle of Autoglym High Definition Cleanser, two Autoglym High Definition Applicator Pads, and one Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth. Using the High Definition Cleanser means you will have a surface free of old wax or polish build up – so a fresh coat of wax can be evenly applied.


4. Blackvue Dash Cams



Does your Dad engage in regular Dad behaviours of shaking fists at incompetent drivers, swearing at pedestrians, and cursing P-platers (after all, they just DON’T teach people how to drive anymore)? Of course he does! Check out the range of Blackvue Dash Cams so he can re-watch all the times someone else has done something wrong in traffic. Seriously though, dash cams are an awesome way to ensure that your journeys are effortlessly recorded, giving you peace of mind that if the worst should happen, the evidence is there in crystal clear HD quality – night or day!


5. TRED Recovery Ramps

This one is for the fathers that like going off road in a 4×4. TRED stands for Total Recovery and Extraction Device, and as the name suggests, these recovery tracks are vital equipment for any keen off roader. Made in Australia from practically bulletproof polyolefin plastic and available in a variety of colours, this is a gift that Dad will be sure to love. Don’t forget to check out the range of TRED accessories including mounting kits, bags, and leashes.


6. Hella 350mm LED Light Bar

Also for the off roaders, this beaut Hella 350mm LED Light Bar is perfect for attachment to the bull bar, front bumper, or roll bar of the serious 4×4. The powerful LED lights provide up to 96,000 candela of lighting power and are a great safety option to have when driving off the beaten track at night. The Hella 350mm LED Light Bar comes as a pre-wired kit for easy installation – the sort of high quality feature you can expect from a company like Hella who have been in the lighting game for longer than your Dad has been around.


7. Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Wipes

You’ve still got the painful memories…chowing down an ice cream on the annual family road trip when all of a sudden you make a mess on the seat or trim. Dad yells at you and it all ends in tears. Luckily the folks at Meguiar’s have come up with these handy disposable wipes which can be kept in the glovebox or boot for use in case of emergencies. They’re safe for use on fabric, leather, and most interior trims – why not get some for your car too?


8. Jetpower Pressure Washers

You know what Dad doesn’t like? Wasting water, because water equals money. Save water, time, and money with our great range of Jetpower Pressure Washers. They’re perfect for cleaning the car, tiles, or garage, and any other crazy use your Dad can come up with. Available in a range of flow rates with a bunch of handy accessories, a Jetpower Pressure Washer is a gift he is guaranteed to use time and time again.


9. Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L

Still can’t decide what to get Dad? On a serious budget? You literally can’t go wrong with the best car wash from Meguiar’s – their Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L. The highly sudsing advanced formula carefully cleans away serious dirt and grime, leaving a genuine wax finish. The 1.42L size will last for ages, probably until next Father’s Day. Did I mention it smells awesome?



We hope we’ve given you some inspiration and that your dad gets the gift he deserves this Father’s Day. If you’re still stuck, feel free to send us an email or give us a call – with over 100,000 parts available, we definitely have something he wants!