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10 Signs You Love Your Car a Little Too Much

By Sam Young

Fri Feb 09 2018

With Valentine’s day around the corner, who will you be spoiling this year? Here’s the top 10 signs you love your car.

Let’s be honest, we all like to spoil our special someone at this time of year and often, its our cars, but have you ever worried that you’re a little TOO attached to your car?

Below are 10 signs that you may be a bit too in love with your car.


1. You’ve Given Your Car a Nick Name

Talking about and referring to your car by its nickname? Imagining your car has feelings and a personality? Yep! You’ve ticked the first box!


2. You Spend Loads On Car Accessories

Multiple air fresheners hanging from your rear-view mirror? Yep, we thought so. If you’re guilty of spending big on accessories of any size then you’ve ticked the second box on our list!


3. You Spend Too Much Time On The Paintwork

If you’re like us and spend the best part of your weekends washing, detailing and polishing your car then you’re guilty of number 3. Spending hours buffing the paint and getting out all of those little swirl marks may be relaxing to us, it can be over the top to others.


4. You Panic When Parking Out Of Sight

You will always try and park where you can see your car. If this isn’t the case, you can’t help but panic. What if someone hits it or scratches it? Yep, you’re guilty of number 4.


5. Some Of Your Most Memorable Moments Have Been With Your Car

Good times, bad times and everything in between – your car has been the facility to cope with scenarios and plays a special part in your most memorable moments.


6. Strict Set Of Rules For Passengers

Dirty shoes? Greasy Fingers? Yep, you’re walking home! The rule of shotgun is to apply at all times and the driver is responsible for all music and climate control choices – that final!


7. Your Relationship With Your Car Is VERY Public

Does your entire family know about your obsession? Your Facebook profile consist of nothing but pictures of your car and all its angles? We thought so.


8. You Strive To Know Everything About Your Car

If the owner’s manual is your favourite book to read and forums are your favourite place to trawl, you’re not alone. Striving to know as much as possible about the ins and outs of your car is part of being an enthusiast.


9. You Think About Your Car Even When You’re Not Driving

Long after you’ve hung up the keys for the day, your mind is still thinking about your prized possession. Hardly surprising when you’ve got your car as your phones wallpaper. Is your car missing you like you miss it? Is it okay out there by itself? Yep, it sure is.


10. Everyday Things Remind You Of Your Car

Certain colours, smells or sounds remind you of your car no matter where you are. It could be at the doctors, at uni or even just at home. Even some of the smallest things make you think about your car.


If you’re guilty of all the above, we think it’s safe to say you love your car just a little too much, but make sure your car knows it too! Check out our range of car care products today and treat your car this Valentine’s day!



Feature Image Source: Susan Bailey