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How to remove insects from your car in 2 easy steps

By Brad Nash

Fri Sep 25 2015

You’ve just hit the open road. The kids are in the back, peacefully distracted by the iPad. The sun is shining, spring is in full effect, the bags are loaded in the boot and the highway is surprisingly traffic free. Your favourite song croons softly on the radio, before it’s momentarily interrupted by a soft *thwap* hitting your bonnet.

It’s begun. The insects are here. The bees are collecting pollen. The crickets are out in full effect, and the flies have hatched. Over the next few hours, every tap hitting your car on the highway fills you with dread as you imagine the sheer scale of the cleaning that lies in store for you. The kids won’t do it, it’s school holidays. This is down to you.

Insects remover car paint autoglym
Hatch, eat, breed, lay egg, wreck paint, die. Life cycle of the fly.


You arrive at your destination and the scene that lies on your car’s paintwork, which once shined pristinely in the spring sunshine, looks like “A Bug’s Life” if it were directed by Quentin Tarantino. Wings, body parts and thorax lay spattered across your beautiful vehicle, all held together by the green goo that can only serve as the lifeblood of the most heinous and annoying of creatures.


The Solution: Autoglym Active Insect Remover

Thankfully, the mess and muck that once came with getting ill-fated insects off your car is now a thing of the past. Autoglym Active Insect Remover actually makes the whole process as easy as “spray and wipe”. Apply to the affected area, leave for 30 seconds for the Insect remains to “soften” (did they have to use that word?) and wipe away with a soft cloth. If you don’t feel like ruining a perfectly good cloth, you can also hose it away, and get on with your day.