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3 Tips for Tackling Your Next DIY Project

By Sam Young

Tue Mar 13 2018

We’ve all had them. That one DIY job, that no matter how many weekends you tell yourself you’ll get around to it, you never do. We speak from experience at Sparesbox, many of the team know the struggle!

The question is, how can you finally get around to tackling that job you’ve been putting off? We’re here to help get your car jobs done, ASAP!

There are a handful of helpful steps that you can work through to ensure that when it comes down the getting the job done, you’ll be ready to tackle it in one go. Time management, preparation, and execution.




1. DIY – Time Management

Time management can often be the down fall of every weekend project. Putting on that exhaust, touching up those stone chips or changing over that squeaking belt you’ve been listening to for weeks!

Set goals: Set yourself an achievable goal to aim for. If it isn’t your immediate goal, then its wasting time and can wait. Prioritise: Determine which parts of the job need to be done first and work through the most urgent first. Remove distractions: If your garage has a TV in it, the dog is barking or your mates are around then getting anything done is sure to be tricky. Try your best to remove any distractions that may lead you off task. Ask for help: Time management is all about being efficient and effective. Sometimes big jobs aren’t a one-person task and asking for help is the most efficient way to move forward. Never be afraid to ask for help!

DIY Time Management


 2. DIY – Preparation

Preparation before taking on any task is crucial, especially when working within a time constraint. Now that you’ve set aside your weekend and planned out what you wish to achieve, it’s time to prepare.

The night before the big day, lay out the parts you need, the tools you’ll require and make sure everything is there to avoid getting half way through the job and realising it can’t be finished! If the job is one you haven’t done before, do some research online for other people who have or other DIY videos so you have an understanding before you even start!

With good time management and the job prepped, you’re ready to execute.

DIY Planning


3. DIY – Execution

Now the fun times begin. The day has rolled around, you’ve got your plan mapped out, the tools and parts ready to go and time designated to getting the job done.

Get an early start, get the job done during daylight, trust us, it will make your life much easier. Take your time, you’ve set aside more than enough time, don’t rush the job.

Once you think you’re completed, double check everything you’ve touched. Any bolts you’ve undone, any hoses you detached – this will make sure everything is tight and how it should be and avoid any potential disasters next time you take your pride and joy out!

DIY project




If you follow the above 3 tips this Fix-it Season, you’ll be tackling every pesky job you’ve been putting off! Need parts to get the job done? Sparesbox has you covered. Sparesbox is Australia’s largest online automotive store and has a huge variety of parts for nearly every car.


Start Tackling Your DIY Jobs NOW


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