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4 Reasons CTEK Battery Chargers are the Best in the Business

By Brad Nash

Fri Nov 18 2016

1. They Give the Optimal Charge, Every Time

As opposed to the every day charger, CTEK chargers actually communicate with your car battery and read its vital levels as they charge. This means that your battery is always getting the exact amount of charge it needs to start as quickly as possible, first time, every time.

What you get out of this is a battery that lasts longer from every charge, provides more reliable starting performance and does its job without you ever having to worry about failure or malfunction.


2. They Not Only Charge Your Battery, but Care For it Too

CTEK Chargers are designed to give your battery a proper charge, sure. Then again, so are all of our battery chargers. What sets the CTEK range apart is that theyre designed to charge your battery in a way that ensures it it stays it’s healthiest too. While most battery chargers provide a trickle of constant power into your battery once it’s fully charged, CTEK battery chargers allow your batttery to naturally discharge and then provide a pulse of power to get it back up to full again.

This reduces the risk of undercharing AND overcharging, and can potentially extend the life of your battery by up to 2 or 3 times the normal.


3. By Reducing Battery Wastage, They’re Helping the Environment Too

Making sure that every lasts its absolute longest has a surprisingly large impact on the environment. To put it into perspective, around 400 million Lead-Acid batterys are made every year, each of which takes an average of 7kgs of lead to manufacture. That’s A LOT of lead, and ensuring each of these batterys lasts up to double the time it normally would can save thousands (if not millions) of tons of lead-acid from not only being mined, but also contaminating the Earth across the years.


4. They’re the Choice of the Automotive Elite

CTEK’s reputation as the world-leader in battery chargers is pretty much unrivalled. Selling 6.2 million battery chargers each year in 70 countries, they’re the only brand to globally conquer a market that’s normally reserved for smaller, local manufacturers and wholesalers.

Nonetheless, they’ve honed themselves a name as the world’s best, and now supply OEM battery chargers to Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, Maserati, BMW and even Maybach. They’re even the chosen choice in Jay Leno’s monumental garage to keep his huge fleet of cars in a constant state of charge.


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