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5 Insane Facts about the Bloodhound Land Speed Racer

By Brad Nash

Wed Sep 30 2015

Unveiled a few days ago at London’s Canary Wharf, The Bloodhound SSC (SuperSonic Car) is the fastest, most powerful and most advanced racing car ever made. Aiming to break the land speed record long held for over 20 years by Thrust SSC, the Bloodhound is the pinnacle of human aerodynamic engineering. Aside from the insanity of how it looks, to celebrate the launch of the land speed challenger, here are 5 mind boggling facts about just how mental this car actually is.


It’s Not Just a Rocket Car, but also a Supersonic TV Studio

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Car Spares Box
Image: Siemens


As Felix Baumgartner showed us a few years ago, in the world of extreme record attempts nothing is safe from world-wide attention (or an advertisement for energy drink) anymore. In the wake of this, the Bloodhound SSC is completely Youtube Friendly, with 12 fully functioning cameras built into the car (including 2 in the cockpit) that have live streaming capabilities.


It Makes 135,000 Horsepower

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Car Spares Box
Image: Bloodhound SSC


Powered by both a Rolls-Royce developed jet and rocket motors working in unison, the Bloodhound SSC makes a total thrust horsepower of around 135,000. To put that into perspective, that’s around the horsepower of an early model Boeing 747, 25,000hp more than the QE2, and more than 7 times the total horsepower of  every car in this year’s Formula 1 world championship PUT TOGETHER. As you could probably have guessed by now, the Bloodhound SSC is by far the world’s most powerful land vehicle. If it were fired straight into the air, it would reach 25,000ft.


Its Engines are so Big, it Uses a Jaguar V8 as a PUMP

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Car Spares Box
Image: Evo


In order to feed oxidiser into the Nammo rocket that will send the Bloodhound SSC to infinity (or really, the sound barrier) and beyond, it needs a seriously huge pump. Jaguar were put on call, and a specially crafted, Supercharged V8 engine (which on it’s own would be powerful enough to drive a supercar in it’s own right) was developed, allowing the rocket to make the power that it does and create a sound louder than a 747 in the process.


It’s Planning to Break 1,000 Mph

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Car Spares Box
Perfect for a quick escape from the mother-in-law’s. Image: Highsnobiety


To put things into perspective, at 1000mph, the Bloodhound SSC would be covering a mile of ground every 3.6 seconds, or about the same time it takes for a Ferrari FF to reach 62 mph. Bloodhound SSC estimate that 0-1000 will take less than a minute, and at this speed the force on each rim will be about 5 tonnes, and along with this, around 20 tonnes of drag will be holding the car back once it hits this speed.

With a current land speed record of 763mph, this would absolutely shatter the current milestone and set a new benchmark for what we thought we could do with cars. All with a carbon footprint equivalent to 4 lactating cows.


Not Only That, but it has to do so SAFELY

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Car Spares Box
Image: TechDrive


Modern sports cars often give enthusiasts the bare minimum in the name of saving weight and gaining speed, but this isn’t necessarily the case with the Bloodhound. Sitting at 13.5m long, with a 2m high tailfin (developed by the RAF) and a rocket effectively strapped to the back of it, one glitch or hiccup could essentially turn the Bloodhound SSC into a 1000mph bomb.

In order to keep the driver and his obviously gigantic set of man parts safe, Bloodhound have constructed what is probably the safest cockpit ever put into a vehicle, a single piece monocoque made out of several layers of carbon fiber. The cockpit also features instruments custom-made by rolex, which handle the timing of the parachute deployments and tell the driver when to apply the brakes. If he does it too early, say BloodHound, they will burst into flames.