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Our 6 Favourite Moments from Sunday’s Bathurst 1000

By Brad Nash

Mon Oct 09 2017

It’s almost certain that if you put a bunch of wildly overpowered racing cars on a rainy Mt. Panorama and force them to race for 7 hours, you’re going to get some memorable moments. It’s what’s made the Bathurst 1000 the most legendary race in Australian motorsport, and 2017’s iteration was no exception. Here are some of our favourite moments from this year’s Great Race.




The weather conditions at Mt. Panorama didn’t lend themselves to the best start of a Bathurst 1000 we’ve ever seen, but it soon became very apparent that the entertainment was going to be found in the unorthodox measures some teams took to beat the rain. After all, wet boots and metal pedals don’t really mix.


Matt Campbell’s Baptism of Fire


You had to feel for the guy. 22 year old Matt Campbell, Carrera Cup champion, chosen by Red Bull to partner Supercars champion Shane Van Gisbergen in his quest for another triumph at Bathurst. Then on his first lap, the above happens.

It didn’t get much easier for Campbell after that, and during his first stint it seemed as if the #97 Holden spent more time off the road than it did on it. It made for painful, yet pretty compelling viewing.


Out Come the Squeegees

It’s been a while since we last saw Mt. Panorama as consistently wet as it was throughout Sunday’s race, and despite the numerous chemical and household remedies known to just about every driver on the road, windshield fogging soon became a massive issue for many drivers. Some were prepared though. Step forward Red Bull.


Skippy Makes an Appearance


There were a few odd safety car callouts over the 161 laps of the race, not least when the marshalls took issue with a particularly large rock sitting on Skyline. It’s not a Bathurst 1000 without at least one kangaroo getting involved in the action though, and this weekend’s intruder decided to make an appearance at Mountain Straight.


Tim Slade’s Near Death Experience


Despite the fact that it barely crossed 20 degrees and didn’t stop raining all day, heat was still clearly an issue for many drivers. None more so than Tim Slade, who’s Freightliner Racing Holden was so beset by issues that his team didn’t have chance to top up either his water or the dry ice in his cool suit. The result looked like suffering incarnate.


Reynolds Downs a Shoey on the Podium

Image: Fox Sports


The tradition of the podium shoey is long and storied, and by this we mean it’s been good to see ever since Ricciardo first did it earlier this year. Not one to let their more illustrious counterpart outshine them, race winner Reynolds took it upon himself to pour what may have been the quickest shoey ever attempted in motorsport. The champagne popped and seconds later he was drinking deep from the heel of his MOMO, all in front of a more-than-slightly-uncomfortable promo girl.


Featured image: AAP