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6 of the Most Insane Cars Competing at this Weekend’s World Time Attack Challenge

By Brad Nash

Thu Oct 12 2017

When it comes to making mental cars, the competitors at the Yokahama World Time Attack are all winners. Nowhere else will you find machines quite so outlandish, quite so overpowered and quite so fast, and that’s why we’ve chosen to sponsor the 2017 WTAC. This year’s event promises to throw up some memorable moments, with every car in the field as incredibly engineered as the last. However, 6 teams have delivered our picks of the litter.


Luxury Collection Racing – Lotus Exige Cup V6

World Time Attack 2

Class: Pro-Am

Power: 750hp

Hailing from Finland, the Luxury Collection Exige is testament to what you can achieve when you wildly overpower a car that, at stock, already corners as well as just about anything on the planet. Of course, the car is a Lotus basically in name only, as they’ve shoehorned a Lexus engine from an LMP2 car under the hood and bolted two Garrett turbochargers onto it for good measure.


Supaloc Racing – Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Hillclimb

World Time Attack 3

Class: Pro-Am

Power: 1100hp

Famed for his use of mental European supercars in motorsport events across Australia, Kevin Weeks’ Gallardo has already become a bit of a legend amongst Hillclimb and time attack circles across the nation. The 5.0L V10 in the Lambo has been completely rebuilt with custom pistons, a Garrett Turbocharger and completely remodelled electrics. The result? Over 1100hp at the wheels.


MCA Suspension: “Hammerhead” Nissan Silvia S13

World Time Attack 4

Class: Pro

Power: 950hp

The ‘Hammerhead’ S13 of MCA Suspension shocked many last year when it not only won the 2016 Time Attack Pro Class, but also set a brand new WTAC record for a 2WD car. Murray Cootes has designated driving duties to MCA’s Tim Slade once again, and they’ve shaved even more kilos off the S13’s already slender frame to make the most of the infamous SR20 block under the hood.


PR Technology – Porsche 968

World Time Attack 5

Class: Pro

Power: 600-900hp

The modified Porsche 968 of PR Technology is as close to pure, distilled motorsport goodness as it’s possible to find just about anywhere. Using a once illustrious German GT car that has otherwise faded largely into obscurity, few things come close to the level of madness that this car produces. The 3.0L Porsche engine block has been modified to make anywhere up to 900hp, and it’ll absolutely be gunning for top spot come Sunday.


Mazdaspeed – Mazda 767B Le Mans

World Time Attack 6

Class: Exhibition

Power: 600hp

One of the most recognisable race cars of all time, the 767B has made an appearance at the WTAC before. A precursor to the Le Mans-winning 787B Group C endurance car, the Mazda 767B being brought to Australia in particular (1 of only 3 in the world) has been extensively rebuilt over the past 2 years after being all but destroyed at the 2014 Goodwood FOS. Bound to be a weekend highlight for all, the 767B produces just over 600 horses from a 4-rotor, naturally aspirated 13J engine that needs to be heard to be believed.


Racingline – Audi R8 “1:1”

World Time Attack 7

Class: Pro-Am

Power: 1300-1500hp

Another entrant from Finland, Racingline’s Audi R8 started life as a pre-production car that someone had purchased solely for use as a track car. After Racingline got their hands on it, they made it their goal to build a car that makes 1 horsepower for each kg it weights, and boy did they succeed. The 5.0L engine cranks out around 1500hp at full pelt, at which point it’s drinking 11L of E85 every minute. 100km/h to 200km/h takes 3.9 seconds, with 200-250 taking just an additional 1.8 seconds.