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A Look Through Mean Mother’s 4WD Winch Range

By Brad Nash

Fri Jan 08 2016

After much anticipation and having seen the plight of one too many a stuck off-roading enthusiast, Spares Box has finally teamed up with Mean Mother to deliver a fantastic line of winches, winch accessories and 4×4 recovery gear, including TRED 4×4 Recovery Track Ramps. Built tough and designed and engineered in Australia, for Aussie conditions, Mean Mother will get the job done in any weather, on any trail and with any vehicle. But how do you choose your Mean Mother winch? Check out the different ranges here.


The Boss Series


Mean Mother Boss Series 4WD Winch

Capacity: 9,500lbs
Choose from: Steel/Synthetic Rope, Bare, Synthetic Offset
Suitable for: Large 4x4s & Off-Roaders, Competition Sports Trucks (e.g. Hummer, Toyota Landcruiser)

The Boss Series is the biggest and the baddest range of products that Mean Mother offers, and pretty much the biggest and baddest you’ll find attached to the front of any 4×4, SUV or off-roader around Australia. Guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty, the Boss Series is made tough and built to put up with the most extreme conditions that the off-road can throw at it. The Mean Mother Boss Series Winch is packed with 9,500lbs of pulling power, and tested to ensure that it will put up with the worst conditions and the toughest recovery jobs.


The Edge Series

Mean Mother Edge Series 4WD Winch


Capacity: 6000-12000lbs
Choose from: 12/24V, Steel/Synthetic Rope, Synthetic Offset, Bare
Suitable for: Medium – Large 4x4s & SUV’s, Utes, (e.g. Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero)

Put simply, there’s an Mean Mother Edge Series winch to suit pretty much any off roader. Combining the versatility and ease of the entry level Peak Series and the toughness of the Boss Series, the Edge Series has the largest range and the biggest variety of options that you’ll find throughout Mean Mother’s catalogue of winches. The Edge Series comes in varying weight ranges to suit all of the largest 4x4s on (or off) the road, and like the Boss series is even offered bare so you can hook it up with your own rope. If you’re a true off-road enthusiast and want to dive into all manner of tough conditions with confidence, the Mean Mother Edge Series sets the gold standard for what you should be looking for in a winch.


The Peak Series

Mean Mother Peak Series 4WD Winch


Capacity: 2,500-3,500lbs
Choose from: Steel/Synthetic Rope
Suitable for: Small SUV’s, Crossovers (e.g. Toyota RAV4, Jeep Wrangler)

Perfect for the starter or the weekend enthusiast, the Peak Series is built to get you out of a tricky spot with minimal hassle. Capable of pulling up to 3,500lbs with ease, the Peak Series is built tough enough to put up with everyday off-road conditions & entry-level 4x4ing and is perfect for attaching to the front of pretty much any small 4×4 for an emergency option should you stumble into an undesirable situation.


Remember to Consider your Options

Choosing a Mean Mother winch isn’t simply a matter of choosing from one of these 3 series. There are a number of factors to consider when ensuring that you’re getting the perfect winch for your off-roading needs. Mean Mother winches in all series come in both synthetic and steel rope varieties, as well as 12V and 24V power options.

Also, make sure you’re buying a suitable winch to fit and work properly with your particular 4×4, and consider whether a straight fit or an offset is right for the way your vehicle is built. However, rest assured that from small off-roaders to massive American trucks, there’s a winch from Mean Mother to fit. Ultimately, just like with anything else in life that you’re likely to spend over a grand on, research is going to be key.