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Sparesbox Gift Giving Guide: Holiday Season 2021

By Shane O’Sullivan

Mon Dec 13 2021

The jingle bells are ringing, the angels are singing, Batman probably smells and Robin laid an egg somewhere. It is the holiday season and Sparesbox is in the festive mood. As such, we have created an extensive gift giving guide for the holiday season. Look through the guide at what we have on offer and you might happen to find your next favourite item this holiday - or maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for a loved one or one of your mates.

The Service Essentials campaign is live on Sparesbox. With this campaign, we’re offering multiple deals up to all customers wishing to add to their collection. Save up to 20% on Castrol, Ryco & Penrite, up to 15% on Mann & 10% on Xforce & Nulon products. 

If you want to buy a last-minute present or spend the money you were gifted over the holidays, our BOXMAS Sale begins on December 23rd and ends on December 31st. During that time, you can save up to 20% on EVC, Oils & Filters, Brakes & Clutches, Suspension & Spare Parts. Our biggest discounts are for Car Care products with up to 30% off. 

Specifically, you’ll also find many of our brands have discounts. You’ll find up to 10% off Nulon, Mantic, 4Terrain, RPM, Whiteline, H&R, Hakon, Bowdens, PAT and Valeo

In the 15% off range, we have Mann, Bendix, Clutch Industries, Xtreme, Xtreme Outback, ClutchPro, Exedy, Nolathane, Eibach, Turtlewax, Fuelmiser, Truflow, Kelpro, Champion, RAE, Goss, Genuine, Dorman, Permaseal and Trico

20% off products include EVC, Castrol, Penrite, Ryco, DBA, Superpro, Autoglym, HydroSilex, NGK, Denso, Gates, Tridon, Bosch and MAP

Our biggest sale is 30% off Meguiars.

One of the superior brands we’re focussing on this season is Castrol. One of the global names in stock here at Sparesbox, Castrol has a vast range of products including engine oils, brake fluids, coolants, grease and other fluids. Created and developed with the power and budget of parent company BP, you’re picking up a product that has undergone thorough research and development to ensure the very best. 

As far as Castrol goes, there are a multitude of different lines for their products including Castrol Edge, Castrol Magnatec & Castrol GTX. With the various discounts available over Service Essentials and the BOXMAS Sale, you’re certain to pick up the best lubrication for your vehicles at a discounted rate to put you through the holidays. You can find further information on Castrol with our buying guide here. Additionally, you can find out further information on buying the correct engine oil here, or learn more about the science of engine oil here.

Another big brand out there for engine oils is Nulon. The wide range of products available on Sparesbox is available for 10% off during Service Essentials and the BOXMAS Sale. Nulon specifically was created back in 1980 and only expanded since. Expect quality premium mineral oil in addition to high-end full-synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil for the ultimate in protection and operation in your vehicle. You can find more information on those lines here.

We also understand that choosing the right brand of Nulon oil (or any other oil, for that matter) can be a difficult and overwhelming task. In light of this, we have created a simplistic guide to explain what types of Nulon racing oils are likely best for your vehicle based on information you should know. You can view that here.

Our final recommendation for lubrications throughout the holiday season comes from Penrite, which you can find for 20% off during Service Essentials and the BOXMAS Sale. Founded by Les Mecoles when he was only 16 years old, Penrite has remained 100% Australian owned as it has continued to grow through the years. The range of Penrite products is rather vast and has multiple different oil types on offer. You can find a buying guide for their products here.

Penrite product lines include the Penrite HPR, which is their most premium, high performance synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils - all designed to provide protection to the ultimate degree throughout Australia. Other Penrite lines include the Penrite Enviro+ for late model low-emission, fuel-efficient engines, the Penrite 10 Tenths Racing for performance and competition engines, the Penrite Classic for older vehicles, and the Penrite Vantage which is your typical everyday engine oil.

With almost a century of experience, Trico is a global leader in advanced wiper technology. With superior design, their wiper blades ensure you’ll be able to focus on what matters most. The line on Sparesbox is vast and during the BOXMAS Sale, can be found at 15% off. From wiper refills and blades to rails and assemblies, there is something for everyone.


Another fantastic brand notable during the BOXMAS Sale is Bosch Automotive, who have been a pioneer in technology now found on most modern cars. The extensive range we’ve got on offer at Sparesbox includes everything from their motors and spark plugs to timing belts and alternators. Similarly to Trico, Bosch also sells a variety of quality wiper blades. If you’re unsure whether your ride needs a new wiper blade, view the guide here.

Over the holidays, your focus is likely on spending time with family and friends. Whether you’re travelling or spending your days at home, now is the right time to invest in your vehicles to ensure longevity and durability. With so many beloved brands on sale, Sparesbox truly wants your holiday season to be as special as Mariah Carey is in every store across Christmas. 

Bowden’s Own products are available for 10% off during the BOXMAS Sale. This beloved Aussie brand is no stranger to the business. They’ve been around the block since 2002 with a passion for car care that has only continued to grow. Take the plunge and save your money this holiday season when you purchase Bowden’s Own products through Sparesbox. Some of the products you might be interested in include the Little Ripper Microfibre Chamois, the Rinse & Wheels Bucket Kit, Afterglow Drying Aid, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Insta-Mitt Glass Cleaning Mitt & many, many more. With everything Bowden’s Own has got to offer, you’ll be like a kid in a chocolate factory; there are so many items for so many different car care areas at reasonable prices.

Established in 1965, Autoglym Car Care has shot to popularity first in the UK and now here in Australia. With 20% off during the BOXMAS Sale, why not treat yourself to some of the best products on offer. The extensive range on offer includes the Ultimate Screenwash, the Insect Remover, the Bird Dropping Wipes, the High Performance Tyre Gel and much more. In fact, we even have a detailed guide on Autoglym products which you can take a look at here

The biggest discount we have across the BOXMAS Sale is for Meguiars Car Care, which sits at a whopping 30% off! With over a hundred years of trust behind it, Meguiars has grown from a garage in 1901 to a beloved brand by millions across the world. Given that it exists in the same realm as Autoglym and Bowden’s Own, it should come as no surprise what the Sparesbox range includes. Before buying anything, though, we have a guide for Meguiars to give you more important information to ensure you only get what you need. Read it here.

The massive Meguiars range includes Quik Detailer Spray, Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner, Soft Buff Rotary Foam Cutting Pad, Ultimate Car Wash N Wax, Ultimate Fast Finish Aerosol and hundreds more. Regardless of which range you choose to purchase from, you’ll be set for the holidays in style.

Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy those snags in the Summer heat. From the whole Sparesbox team, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas if you celebrate the occasion and a fantastic, memorable holiday you won’t soon forget.