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Quaring For Your Quar In Carantine

By Mitch Babbs

Tue May 05 2020

With a lot of our daily drivers seeing a little less use than normal these days, it’s important to remember that it still needs looking after. Just because it isn’t out there racking up kilometres on the odometer doesn’t mean it’s going to stay in perfect condition. 

For those of us out there who aren’t getting the chance to blow the cobwebs out, here are some basics you need to keep an eye on during quarantine.

If you’re driving your vehicle so infrequently that you’re considering putting it on ice for a while, there’s a few things you should do to keep it as good as can be.

First up, give it a proper spit-shine, then cover it up. It may seem like nothing, but could save you a bit of heartbreak in the long run. While paint jobs fade and chip in UV light, they also cop some damage from dirt, bugs and other road grit left to sit and erode. 

You can’t go wrong with Meguiars to get your car spotless, and you can make sure it stays that way with a Gearup car cover.

Next thing you want to do is keep the tank full of fuel (and with the price of fuel these days, that shouldn’t be too hard). If the tank is empty and it’s not seeing regular use, moisture can start to build up in the tank. This is useful for short term and intermittent periods of storage, however, it’s worth noting that the shelf life of most fuels is around a couple of months. 

If you plan on not using your car for longer than that, you should add some Penrite Petrol Fuel Stabiliser or Penrite Diesel Fuel Stabiliser to keep it from going stale for up to 12 months.

You’ll also want to top up your engine oil, coolant, and other additives. It’s actually best to drop your oil completely and fill it up with some brand new stuff, which removes any of the sediment that had formed in your old oil, and keeps it from setting anywhere in your engine or through your lines.

If you do a full oil change, make sure to give it a spin before you put it away for good. This is good practice anytime you do an oil change, as it’ll ensure the oil gets a chance to work its way through your entire system. Just so happens we’ve got a massive sale on right now, click here for some massive savings on oils.

Then there are a couple of things to do now that you’ve taken care of it and put it away as best you can. During quarantine, it’s essential to keep an eye on your car battery. If you’re not driving your vehicle at least once every couple of weeks to keep it active, it will start to degrade and eventually become pretty useless.

That’s why you should get a trickle charger. It feeds a small current into your pride and joy’s nervous system, keeping it ready for use whenever the chance to drive next pops up. We’ve put together a list of our favourite trickle chargers here, but if you know the one you want you can shop the whole range right here.

Finally, one of the things most people forget about when they bring their car out of storage is the tyre pressure. It’s something you should be keeping an eye on throughout the time in storage, but is especially crucial when all this is over and we can get back out on the open road. 

Heading into the colder months, it’s likely that your tyres will change pressure due to the temperature change. That’s why we advise to inflate them to the recommended pressure but don’t exceed it. To keep an eye on your tyres at home and fill them up when you’re ready to roll, grab one of the many Air Compressors available on Sparesbox.