XFORCE Performance Exhausts have been designed to provide the pinnacle of performance, with an accessible price tag. With distribution networks all over the country, XFORCE are rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the industry. But it hasn’t always been this way, we look at the rise of XFORCE and why they’re one of the best performance exhaust options for your turbo-four, V8, 4×4, or custom big engine build.


The perception of XFORCE exhausts has changed dramatically over the last decade, previously viewed as a budget option for Australian built V8’s, XFORCE have diversified their range and adapted to suit the changing car preferences of the Australian automotive enthusiast market.


XFORCE Performance Exhausts


XFORCE understands that having an aftermarket exhaust fitted to your vehicle shouldn’t disrupt the way that your car feels to drive each day. As most enthusiasts can attest, having an aftermarket performance exhaust fitted to your car should enhance performance and noise when you want it, and be virtually indistinguishable from a stock exhaust when you don’t.


XFORCE’s focus on research, development, and customer feedback led to them creating the VAREX muffler range. The VAREX muffler range provides performance and pantomime when you want it, and, with the flick of a switch, a subtle growl that is virtually indistinguishable from your stock exhaust for when you need to sneak around under the radar.


XFORCE Performance Exhausts


XFORCE performance exhausts are specifically designed to suit each vehicle application. After each performance exhaust has gone through extensive research and development, they are subjected to dyno testing on the state-of-the-art Dynapack Evolution 3000 chassis dynameter machine where they are tweaked for maximum performance and efficiency.


In addition to recognising the changing nature of performance exhausts, XFORCE have also responded to the automotive industry’s move away from large displacement performance engines by investing heavily in creating bolt-on solutions for the latest crop of performance hatches including the Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Volkswagen Golf R.


Want to see what an XFORCE performance exhaust can do for your car? Check out the range of XFORCE performance exhausts at Sparesbox.


When it comes to deciding which brands make it onto the Sparesbox website, we have a very simple criterion; ‘Are the parts OE or greater in quality and performance?’. For Mann Filter’s, a brand that has been built on quality, performance, reliability, and value, the answer to that question is a resounding YES.


With Fix It Season upon us, we took this opportunity to find out a little more about Mann Filters and what makes them so good.


How has Mann Filter changed over the years?


From humble beginnings, Mann + Hummel have established themselves as world leaders in designing and manufacturing complete air, cabin, oil, and fuel filtration to suit a broad range of passenger cars, trucks, busses, and industrial applications. Some of their most popular systems include complete air filter systems, injection moulded intake air ducts, air box filters, and engine intake manifold filters.


In addition to their extensive range of air filters, Mann also manufacture complete oil filter modules that are supplied to some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.


Why is Mann Filter the Superior Choice?


All Mann Filter products have been manufactured to exact OE quality and performance standards. This means that all Mann Filters are going to perform to the exact standard as the one that was fitted to your vehicle from the factory, for a fraction of the price.


While Mann Filters are significantly less expensive than their OEM counterparts, they are not the cheapest option on the market- and they never will be. Mann are designed to be a cost-effective OE alternative, not a cheap, poor quality replacement. As such, you can be sure that all Mann Filters will last the entire filter service interval and thus prevent unwanted and often expensive repairs caused by poor-quality aftermarket replacements.



How do Mann Filters Retain OEM Standards?


Irrespective of the end application vehicle, all Mann filtration systems are designed in partnership with the OEM filter. Before designing an OE quality replacement filter, Mann meticulously research the OEM specifications of each filter.


Mann is one of the largest suppliers of OE quality filters to the Australian aftermarket and service industry. Mann Filters boast the richest product application listing by way of ‘equal to OEM quality’ for the entire Australian carpark, no other aftermarket filter manufacturer can make these claims. In addition to servicing the Australian aftermarket, Mann Filters have established themselves as the leading supplier of aftermarket OE quality filters to the European market.


Shop the Complete Mann Filter Range at Sparesbox


We dragged Sparesbox Co-Founder and Managing Director Leon Saliba away from the ping pong table, locked him in a room, and tried to get to the bottom of one of the most frequently asked questions in the automotive industry: “How Much Will My Car Service Cost?”


We all know that regular servicing is a vital part of keeping your car healthy and running. And, as always, prevention is better than a cure, especially when it comes to vital drivetrain components.


The good news is the tide is turning. With the help of the ACCC, consumers are being reminded that they do not need to go to the dealer to maintain their new car warranty, instead, they are being empowered to shop around when it comes time to service their car. Increased access to technical information from dealers and manufacturers will dramatically improve transparency and give consumers a better idea of the costs associated with servicing their car.


So, how much will it cost to service your car? Unfortunately, there is no fixed rule for how much each individual service will cost, instead, customers should ask for a quote and price breakdown from the manufacturer of their vehicle and then use this quote to shop around.


Sparesbox Managing Director Leon Saliba breaks down the cost of servicing into tiers: “Typically, if you were to do a basic service, you are looking at something around the $250 mark. For a major service- which is typically every second or third interval- you’re looking upwards of $500 depending on what’s required.”


Saliba concedes that for Japanese and Australian manufactured vehicles, servicing tends to be a little cheaper than their European counterparts: “European cars are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, however at this stage, the costs associated with maintaining them are typically a little higher.


Leon encourages consumers to be inquisitive when it comes to the cost of their car service. Have a rough idea of what each service involves, get the mechanic to show you what has been done, and, most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions.





Time for a car service? Get a FREE QUOTE with Sydney’s #1 Rated Mechanic Sparesbox Service

Finding the right part for your car can be a minefield. Industry specific terms and debates such as OE vs OEM vs Aftermarket only complicate the issue, so let’s break them down to give you a clearer idea of what means what so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing replacement auto parts.


What does OE mean?


OE or ‘Original Equipment’ refers to the parts that are used by your vehicles manufacturer when they are building a new car. For example, the air filter that is fitted to your car from the factory would be the OE Air Filter.


What does OEM mean?


OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. The refers to the brand that manufacturers the part that goes into your car from the factory. Some of the most famous OE Manufacturers include Bosch, Hella, MANN Filters and Brembo.


What does Aftermarket mean?


Aftermarket refers to auto parts that, whilst they may be an ideal fit for your vehicle, are not manufactured in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer in any way, shape, or form. It is important to note that this does not make them inferior to the OE part.


Should I buy OE or Aftermarket?


There is a common misconception that having your car serviced through an independent licenced mechanic such as Sparesbox Service may jeopardise your new car warranty. A myth that the manufacturer of your vehicle perpetuates to ensure you return to the dealership to have your car serviced.


The truth is, having your car serviced through an independent mechanic or fitting your car with Aftermarket parts that are built to OE specifications will retain your new car warranty.


Every part sold through Sparesbox is designed to meet or exceed the OE quality standard set by the manufacturer. That means you can be confident that any part that you purchase through Sparesbox will meet or exceed the quality of the original part that is fitted to your vehicle.

BMC are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of motorcycle and automotive filters. Winning international acclaim for their commitment to performance and innovation, BMC Air Filters are renowned for producing high performance air filters that are fit for racing and street use alike.


BMC Air Filters are the most successful filter in the worlds most competitive motorsport categories including nine Formula One World Championships, 11 Le Mans 24 Hours Titles, 8 of the last 9 V8 Supercar Championships and 8 Bathurst 1000 titles.


Designed to provide higher air flow than other filters, BMC air filters increase the amount of clean air that is delivered to your engine, thereby improving performance. Designed with no joins that can cause breakages or deformation, BMC Air Filters fit perfectly into any shape box.


In addition to the numerous performance benefits of a BMC Performance Air Filter, BMC Filters can be regenerated through a washing process that allows them to be reused time and time again. As a guide, BMC air filters have an expected life span equal to that of the vehicle.


Fitting BMC Air Filter


Once you’ve received your BMC Performance Air Filter, it’s time to fit it and start enjoying the benefits of a reusable performance air filter.


Here’s a few tips for getting started:


  • First things first, verify that you have the correct filter that is listed on the BMC catalogue for your make, model, year, and engine size.
  • While you’ve got your engine cover off, us this opportunity to clean any extraneous dust or dirt that may have built up around your stock air box
  • Ensure there is no debris that will inhibit the flow of clean air to your engine


What’s Required?


  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 10mm Socket & Long Extension


Fitment Time




Fitment Difficulty




Fitting BMC Performance Air Filter to Mini Cooper S


  1. Locate the air filter box at the top right side of your engine.
  2. Unplug the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).
  3. Loosen the clamp that connects the intake tube to the air box using a flat head screw driver. Once loosened, the intake tube should easily move away from the air box.
  4. Using a 10mm socket wrench and Philips head screw driver, remove the nuts and bolts that hold the airbox housing together.
  5. Remove the air box housing and air filter. They should easily pull away, if you are tugging- something hasn’t been loosened properly!
  6. Drop in the new BMC Performance Air Filter.
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 in reverse order.
  8. Enjoy the new-found performance of your Mini Cooper S!


BMC Mini Cooper Air Filter Fitment Video


Have you started dreading a light downpour? Have streaks, smears, and reduced visibility become a problem of late?


Stop avoiding it. It’s time to change your worn wiper blades.


Don’t fret, you don’t have to go back to the dealer or pay an arm or a leg to have someone do it for you, changing your wiper blades is one of the simplest automotive maintenance jobs.



What you’ll need to change your wiper blades



Now that you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to change your wiper blades, let’s have a look at the process.



How to Replace Wiper Blades


  1. Lift the wiper arm away from the windscreen. Note that in some European cars you will need to keep the key turned in the ignition to release the wiper blades from the ‘hold position’.
  2. Push down on the small tab on the underside of the wiper blade where the wiper meets the wiper blade arm (the metal part of the assembly).
  3. Remove your worn wiper blade
  4. Insert the new wiper blade into the existing wiper assembly claws. Lock the metal retaining clip at the end of the claw and ensure the new blade is sitting securely in place.
  5. Cut any excess rubber from the end of the wiper claw.
  6. Lower the wiper blade back to its resting position- job done!



Hints for Changing your Wiper Blades


  • Always test your wiper blades once you have replaced them. The middle of a downpour on a congested road is not the time that you want to find out that you haven’t changed your wiper blades correctly.
  • Be sure to check your wiper fluid level. Many people don’t realise that adding some Windex or other brands of conventional glass cleaner to your windscreen fluid reservoir can harm the reservoir and your paintwork when it inevitably meets it. We recommend Bosch Windscreen Washer Fluid.
  • There is no set period for how long your wiper blades should last. We recommend checking them regularly for signs of wear. They are one of the cheapest, yet more important safety components in your car.



Check out our Bosch Wiper Blade Fitment Video


Australia’s love affair with cars knows no bounds. The latest census on car ownership from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals a record number of new cars are being sold and suggests that even in the face of record low wages growth, Australian’s are still willing to splurge when it comes to buying a new car.


But what happens when the novelty of a new car wears off? A survey of 700 Australians by Sparesbox, found that while we rely on our cars, we don’t all love looking after them.


The car is a big part of every Australian’s work day, with more than 2/3 of Australians driving to work, averaging more than 12,000kms on the road in a year. However, most of us pay limited attention to looking after our cars. Most Australians wash their cars less than once a month, 8% of us claim that we never wash our cars and only 24% of people know how to change an oil filter.


car care


The survey selected 700 Australians at random and asked them a range of questions about how they use their cars, and what they know about maintaining them.


Across the country, South Australian’s have the cleanest cars, on average washing them at least once a month, with ACT and Tasmania having the dirtiest cars.


The dirtiest car owners drove utes and trucks, washing their cars on average once every three months. While the cleanest car owners drove 4x4s, washing their cars on average once every week or more.


The survey also asked how Australians maintain their cars and their understanding of basic car maintenance. On average, 53% of the population claim to be able to change a tyre, while only 24% claim to be able to change an oil filter.


Leon Saliba, founder and CEO of Sparesbox said “There is a group of commuters that see their cars as workhorses without giving them much needed care. If they wash their cars, it is less than once a month, and they don’t know much about regular oil and filter changes. However, regular maintenance of a vehicle can improve fuel efficiencies on average by 2%, and can improve the life of your engine”


31% of Australians rated their car knowledge as very low, with 45 – 54 year olds the least likely to know how to maintain a car, or change a tyre, and over 65s most likely to know.


The survey also found that the top two issues people have with traditional mechanics are price and transparency of service.


Leon said, “consumers are told we have to take new cars to the authorised dealer for everything, even though that isn’t the case. New car manufacturers and authorised dealers generally squeeze a massive 64% profit margin on servicing so they have every incentive to limit competition from independent mechanics and information from consumers. The ACCC is currently looking at how consumers are treated on this issue, as complaints about new car manufacturers have risen to more than 10,000 over the past two years”,


“New cars are now effectively computers on wheels. Car manufacturers generally own and control the technical information required to repair and service new cars, but now they’re required to share and disclose all info to independent mechanics.”


Leon continued, “In relation to general servicing, motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturers’ specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warranty will remain intact. So, shop smart and shop around.”

Want to Know More?


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Engine Oil & Gearbox Oil

7 Common Car Noises to Listen Out For

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13 of the Most Asked Service Questions- Answered!

Performance is at the heart of everything that Motul do. Since their first escapade into Motorsport in the 1950s, racing has been Motul’s prime creative and innovative laboratory.


Over the years, Motul have developed a strong relationship with some of the worlds leading automotive innovators and has been a dedicated technical partner and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer to Honda HRC, Suzuki, Aprilla, MV Agusta, Nissan Nismo, and Subaru, as well as high performance engineering companies such as Brabus and APR Tuning.


From standard passenger cars, to the classics of the 50s, 60s and 70s, and the highest performance modern engines coming out of Europe, all Motul products have benefitted from a proud history of research and testing in some of the world’s harshest arenas. As we launch the Motul Racewars Free Gift Promotion, we thought it was an opportune time to pay homage to Motul’s racing legacy and the products that makes Motul so good.




Motul le mans


Like Motul, Nismo is synonymous with uncompromising performance and passion in everything that they do. The famed in-house tuning division of Nissan has been collaborating with Motul in the development of OE-level and race-spec oil for their fines performance cars. Namely, Motul have worked with Nismo to develop oil for the Nissan R35 GT-R, as well as the car that disrupted the supercar hierarchy and redefined performance in the 1990s- the Nismo Edition Skyline GT-R.


Le Mans


le mans motul


One of the longest running staples on the Motorsport calendar, Le Mans has long been the proving ground for performance racing oil. Motul have become a trusted name by many Le Mans series competitors throughout both the FIA World Endurance Championship and the European Le Mans Series.

The most notable of these teams, aside from the aforementioned Nissan Racing team, is Hong Kong’s KCMG, who were assisted by Motul in guiding their Oreca 05 into the LMP2 class win (and 9th overall) at both this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans and 6 Hours of the Nurburgring.


Motorcycle Racing


motul moto


In Australia, Motul are one of the oldest and most respected names in motorcycle oils and lubricants, and for good reason. Just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, you can be sure that most specialist motorcycle workshops will have a Motul sign, and that’s because Motul have developed their motorcycle oil to a point where it’s recognised as an industry pioneer by MotoGP, World Superbikes, the Isle of Man TT, Supercross and Trial Biking teams around the world.


Rally Motorsport


motul rally


Perhaps the most brutal and extreme testing ground for performance, motorsport-grade oil, Motul’s association with the Paris Dakar Rally means that you can be sure that Motul Oil is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions, across the highest range of temperatures and RPM.


Motul have earned a name as a trusted partner for many teams throughout the World Rally Championship and the new, booming World RallyCross Championship. Some of the world’s most demanding Rally Raid teams have also demanded the kind of quality that Motul provides, in arenas such as the Paris-Dakar where there is no room for mechanical error.



So, what are some of the products that make Motul so good?



Motul 300V


motul 300v


Motul 300V has been developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading race teams over a variety of disciplines. As a result of extreme testing and uncompromising research and development, the Motul 300V is considered by many to provide the very best in protection for engines that are pushed to the absolute limit in terms of revs, temperature and conditions. Guaranteed to deliver the best in engine response, power delivery and unbreakable protection, Motul 300V is ideally suited to high-performance and modified engines.



Motul 8100


motul oil 8100


Looking for amazing oil for your modern passenger car? Checkout the Motul 8100 range! Motul’s 8100 range is the ultimate 100% synthetic solution to care for modern engines that require the finest to perform at their best. The 8100 range stretches across a huge range of viscosity and grades, with every variant in the range designed specifically to cater for the types of engines most likely to use it.


To suit a wide range of Euro Emissions Regulations, as well as the stringent OE Requirements of some of the world’s most particular car manufacturers, choose Motul 8100. 8100 is also highly recommended for newer engines that are still under their warranty


Motul H-Tech 100


motul oil h-tech


Motul H-Tech 100 is a 100% synthetic oil that is ideally suited to general purpose application in a wide variety of engines. Engineered to uphold the highest standards of oil quality and protection, Motul H-Tech 100 is the recommended range by a large variety of Japanese, Korean and American vehicle manufacturers.


All Motul H-Tech oils meet stringent API Standards where relevant, and like the 8100 range are catered specifically for certain vehicle and engine types, ensuring your engine gets the most tailored protection possible.


Motul Technosynthese


motul oil technosynthese


Technosynthese refers to all of Motul’s products that feature a synthetic blend in order to enhance the mineral oils that it’s blended with. The Motul Technosynthese range of oils offer a great budget-oriented selection of oils to suit a wide variety of passenger cars. Technosynthese oils like the Motul Multipower range is also great for use in modern and large displacement engines, while the 6100 line offers exceptional protection for modern, high-performance engines.


Where to Buy & How to Choose Motul Oil


Need help choosing the right Motul oil? Check out the Motul oil selector HERE


Already know which Motul oil you need? Shop the Sparesbox Motul oil range HERE



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Fathers are a tricky bunch. Big department stores do a great job of perpetuating the myth that your Dad just wants some new socks. Lucky for you, Sparesbox is here to make sure you don’t fall into that trap. Check out our Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day and get him what he really wants!


Yes Dad, that's your hand...
Yes Dad, that’s your hand…
  1. Hella I-View Inspection Light

This is a head torch inspection light that works like magic. The genius engineers at German powerhouse Hella have come up with a comfortable wearable head torch that can switch on and off with a simple wave of your hand in front of the light. The I-View Inspection Light also has a high/low power setting, rechargeable battery, and is IP65 water and impact resistant. I got one for my Dad, and he hasn’t stopped using it for just about anything including taking out the rubbish at night – you’re welcome Dad!




2. Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Bar Kit

Let’s face it – most people don’t enjoy washing their car. Except Dad! Dads usually take any and every opportunity to look after the bodywork on their pride and joy, so why not help him out with this great Clay Bar Kit from purveyors of British detailing perfection Autoglym. The Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Bar Kit is made in the UK and comes with everything you need for clay barring a car. In case you are wondering, clay barring is a critical step that usually needs to be taken before waxing or polishing, as there are nearly always bonded contaminants that are stuck to the paint – think pollutants, sap, tar, and so on. These bonded contaminants will never be removed with regular washing and can actually cause long-term damage to the paint if not removed. The Autoglym Clay Bar with included Autoglym Rapid Detailer will make light work of these nasty bonded contaminants. I’ve actually caught my Dad talking to himself about how good this kit is, so it is literally Dad approved.

auto glym

3. Autoglym High Definition Cleanser Kit

Following on from our awesome suggestion above, Autoglym also make a terrific High Definition Cleanser Kit which contains everything you need to better prep the surface for waxing or polishing. It’s easy to use as a secondary step after clay barring, and includes one bottle of Autoglym High Definition Cleanser, two Autoglym High Definition Applicator Pads, and one Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth. Using the High Definition Cleanser means you will have a surface free of old wax or polish build up – so a fresh coat of wax can be evenly applied.




4. Blackvue Dash Cams

Does your Dad engage in regular Dad behaviours of shaking fists at incompetent drivers, swearing at pedestrians, and cursing P-platers (after all, they just DON’T teach people how to drive anymore)? Of course he does! Check out the range of Blackvue Dash Cams so he can re-watch all the times someone else has done something wrong in traffic. Seriously though, dash cams are an awesome way to ensure that your journeys are effortlessly recorded, giving you peace of mind that if the worst should happen, the evidence is there in crystal clear HD quality – night or day!



5. TRED Recovery Ramps

This one is for the fathers that like going off road in a 4×4. TRED stands for Total Recovery and Extraction Device, and as the name suggests, these recovery tracks are vital equipment for any keen off roader. Made in Australia from practically bulletproof polyolefin plastic and available in a variety of colours, this is a gift that Dad will be sure to love. Don’t forget to check out the range of TRED accessories including mounting kits, bags, and leashes.


6. Hella 350mm LED Light Bar

Also for the off roaders, this beaut Hella 350mm LED Light Bar is perfect for attachment to the bull bar, front bumper, or roll bar of the serious 4×4. The powerful LED lights provide up to 96,000 candela of lighting power and are a great safety option to have when driving off the beaten track at night. The Hella 350mm LED Light Bar comes as a pre-wired kit for easy installation – the sort of high quality feature you can expect from a company like Hella who have been in the lighting game for longer than your Dad has been around.


7. Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Wipes

You’ve still got the painful memories…chowing down an ice cream on the annual family road trip when all of a sudden you make a mess on the seat or trim. Dad yells at you and it all ends in tears. Luckily the folks at Meguiar’s have come up with these handy disposable wipes which can be kept in the glovebox or boot for use in case of emergencies. They’re safe for use on fabric, leather, and most interior trims – why not get some for your car too?


8. Jetpower Pressure Washers

You know what Dad doesn’t like? Wasting water, because water equals money. Save water, time, and money with our great range of Jetpower Pressure Washers. They’re perfect for cleaning the car, tiles, or garage, and any other crazy use your Dad can come up with. Available in a range of flow rates with a bunch of handy accessories, a Jetpower Pressure Washer is a gift he is guaranteed to use time and time again.


9. Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L

Still can’t decide what to get Dad? On a serious budget? You literally can’t go wrong with the best car wash from Meguiar’s – their Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L. The highly sudsing advanced formula carefully cleans away serious dirt and grime, leaving a genuine wax finish. The 1.42L size will last for ages, probably until next Father’s Day. Did I mention it smells awesome?



We hope we’ve given you some inspiration and that your dad gets the gift he deserves this Father’s Day. If you’re still stuck, feel free to send us an email or give us a call – with over 100,000 parts available, we definitely have something he wants!


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