Snow foaming car cleaning products are one of the fastest growing segments in aftermarket car care.


If, like us, you’ve been sucked into a vortex of car cleaning videos on Instagram or YouTube and come across the snow foam car cleaning technique, you’re probably wondering how it works.


To put it simply, snow foam cleaning products are designed to dramatically reduce cleaning time and provide a genuine touchless car wash solution. Snow foam car wash products are the perfect way to reduce swirl marks and micro scratching when washing modern, clear-coated paint.


At Sparesbox, we’ve been inundated with car care enthusiasts looking for a smarter, faster way to clean their car. Now, thanks to Autoglym, we have the perfect product for reducing car cleaning time and regaining your Saturday afternoon, Autoglym Polar Blast.


To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of the products and hardware that you’ll need to reduce your car cleaning time.



What you’ll need



Autoglym Polar Blast


Autoglym Polar Blast takes the stress (and time) out of washing your car. Designed as a pre-wash or all-in-one car wash solution, Autoglym Polar Blast covers your car in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork and gently loosens dirt and soiling.


Autoglym snow foam formula reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks and provides a genuinely touchless car wash system. Autoglym’s PH neutral formula will not remove any existing layers of polish or wax.



Foaming Spray Gun


A snow foam gun is specifically designed to create the ‘foaming reaction’ by agitating the foaming properties in Autoglym Polar Blast. Due to the popularity of snow foam products, many pressure washers will include a ‘pressure washer soap dispenser or detergent bottle’ attachment as standard.



Pressure Washer


No pressure = no foam


A good pressure washer is the secret to unlocking the full foaming potential of Autoglym Polar Blast. Simply attach the pressure washer to the snow foam attachment with your Autoglym Polar Blast, then spray the car.


Pressure washers are one of the most important tools in your car cleaning arsenal. From shifting stubborn wheel grime to removing caked on dirt, pressure washers take the back ache out of cleaning your car.


The Jetpower Jet360X Pressure Washer is a great starting point for buddying car care enthusiasts. Featuring 2320PSI of pressure generating 360L/hr of flow, it delivers enough power to tackle just about anything you can throw at it. It also includes a detergent bottle and turbo lance that make it ideal for use with Autoglym Polar Blast.

Australia’s love affair with cars knows no bounds. The latest census on car ownership from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals a record number of new cars are being sold and suggests that even in the face of record low wages growth, Australian’s are still willing to splurge when it comes to buying a new car.


But what happens when the novelty of a new car wears off? A survey of 700 Australians by Sparesbox, found that while we rely on our cars, we don’t all love looking after them.


The car is a big part of every Australian’s work day, with more than 2/3 of Australians driving to work, averaging more than 12,000kms on the road in a year. However, most of us pay limited attention to looking after our cars. Most Australians wash their cars less than once a month, 8% of us claim that we never wash our cars and only 24% of people know how to change an oil filter.


car care


The survey selected 700 Australians at random and asked them a range of questions about how they use their cars, and what they know about maintaining them.


Across the country, South Australian’s have the cleanest cars, on average washing them at least once a month, with ACT and Tasmania having the dirtiest cars.


The dirtiest car owners drove utes and trucks, washing their cars on average once every three months. While the cleanest car owners drove 4x4s, washing their cars on average once every week or more.


The survey also asked how Australians maintain their cars and their understanding of basic car maintenance. On average, 53% of the population claim to be able to change a tyre, while only 24% claim to be able to change an oil filter.


Leon Saliba, founder and CEO of Sparesbox said “There is a group of commuters that see their cars as workhorses without giving them much needed care. If they wash their cars, it is less than once a month, and they don’t know much about regular oil and filter changes. However, regular maintenance of a vehicle can improve fuel efficiencies on average by 2%, and can improve the life of your engine”


31% of Australians rated their car knowledge as very low, with 45 – 54 year olds the least likely to know how to maintain a car, or change a tyre, and over 65s most likely to know.


The survey also found that the top two issues people have with traditional mechanics are price and transparency of service.


Leon said, “consumers are told we have to take new cars to the authorised dealer for everything, even though that isn’t the case. New car manufacturers and authorised dealers generally squeeze a massive 64% profit margin on servicing so they have every incentive to limit competition from independent mechanics and information from consumers. The ACCC is currently looking at how consumers are treated on this issue, as complaints about new car manufacturers have risen to more than 10,000 over the past two years”,


“New cars are now effectively computers on wheels. Car manufacturers generally own and control the technical information required to repair and service new cars, but now they’re required to share and disclose all info to independent mechanics.”


Leon continued, “In relation to general servicing, motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturers’ specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warranty will remain intact. So, shop smart and shop around.”

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So your car’s no longer got that brand new car appeal. Instead of getting looks of admiration, it’s getting looks of pity. Fear no more, let us give you 10 ways that won’t break the bank and give your car the moderate makeover it deserves.


1. Get Cleaning (part one)

Yep, it’s super obvious that a good clean up will do wonders but we’re not just talking about removing those hidden empty chip packets stashed away in your car seat pockets. We’re talking about getting super stuck in: the in-laws are coming over for Christmas type clean.

Start with vacuuming everything, and we mean everything. Under the seats, on top of the seats, in between the seats!  Get that vacuum in the boot, under the floor mats, in the doors, the dash, get it yet?

Your hair is not the only thing that benefits from a regular shampoo, give those spots and dots a scrub! Get in there and eliminate them with some Autoglym Interior Shampoo. It’s affordable, it’s a premium brand and it’s great at quickly removing any built up dirt and grime from mats, headlining, dashboard, doors, switches, pedals and more. Success? Not yet, but you’re well on your way.



2.Cover Up

Hopefully, your dashboard and steering wheel don’t look anything like this, otherwise, I’m not sure how many of these tips will help you (sorry).

If your seats and steering wheel are looking a bit worse for wear, and no matter how much interior shampoo you use, that 5-year-old coffee stain is not going to come out, banging on a new wheel cover, dash cover and some seat covers could do the trick.

Yes, I know some seat covers are scary and should never see the light of day, that combination of cartoon characters and just plain ugly is definitely not something I would recommend….unless of course, you’re into that. A nice sleek cover in an inoffensive colour can be the facelift your car’s interior needs, it covers up the old and manages the inevitable eating on-the-go moments.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 4.19.47 pm


3. Deodorise

No one likes a stinky car. Be it food scrap stink, you left the window slightly open and it rained stink or smelly pet stink. It’s going to kill anyone’s vibe regardless of how fresh your car looks. You can easily get hands on car odour eliminator to get rid of stubborn odours lingering on in your interior fabric and throw in an unobtrusive smelling air freshener for good measure.


4. Air Filters and Air Conditioning

Following on from the previous note, if you’ve got any funny smells coming through your air conditioning when you turn it on it might also be a good idea to check the condition of your Cabin Air Filter (if your car has one; check the owners manual). Cabin Air Filters, play an important role in filtering out all that pollution and crap that floats about. Dirty Cabin Air Filters can collect all sorts of gross pollutants which can cause the smell. A quick change to a new one is not only good for your health but will hopefully also get rid of any stink being caused by a dirty one.


5. Audio

Nothing says dated like an outdated audio system but if you’re still digging CD’s and cassette tapes then read no more. If you’re sick of listening to talk-back radio shows and want to plug your iPad or iPhone in then tune in.

Now this might break the “don’t break the bank rule” depending on how much you want to pimp your sound system.  You can go all out and replace the whole sound system and speakers or you can go for something a less. New radio head units that have Bluetooth, integrated with your iPod and iPhone should come relatively cheap if you do your research and shop around.



6. Flush out those Fluids!

Would you like to be chugging down on contaminated, old fluids? Thought not, well, neither does your car. Did you know Power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid can become contaminated with age?  It’s a good idea to do regular oil changes to keep your car running smoothly and to help prolong its life. Flushing and resetting your Motor Oil, Transmission Oil, Antifreeze and Differential Fluid is also a good idea.



7. Get Cleaning (part two)

We started with the interior, now it’s the exterior. Even if you are short on time or too lazy (or don’t have any young relatives to bribe) to do anything else we suggest giving the body of your car a serious clean is the quickest fix for making your car feel new. Kinda like shoving all that mess into a drawer instead of putting it away. Okay, so there are like fifty million bodywork cleaning products out there so let’s make it easy and suggest some Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s super affordable and a great product.


8. Windows and Wipers

We’re focusing on the insides of your windows this time. If you have kids or any form of grubby passengers, there’s likely to be grime or marks ruining your perfect view. Giving it a polish with  Autoglym Glass Polish will get rid of the muck and give you that lasting shine they talk about in dishwasher ads.  You can also use in on your wipers to give them a clean, which takes us onto the next thing, Wiper Blades! Don’t neglect your wipers. Having rusty, old wipers will make your car look older and affect their effectiveness. Give yourself clarity of vision and keep in mind you should probably change them every 6 – 12 months.



9. Tired Tyres

Clean those rims! Having dirty rims is massively going to affect the feel of your car. You don’t have to change your rims to some pimped out insanity to get your car feeling upgraded and new. This is kinda a part 3 to the cleaning process, so get down there with some Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner. Completely acid-free, designed to clean a wide variety of wheel types; the perfect treatment to get them gleaming.


10. “Wax on, Wax off”

Not only is it an awesome quote from an awesome movie but it’s also an awesome way to give the body of your car that new car shine. Post-80’s cars were given an extra layer of clear coat for protection against environmental abuse and added shine, but over time even that will start to fade and lose its shine. Giving it the Autoglym Wax Kit experience is something your car will never forget. Yes, this option is a little fancy but your car deserves a little love. If you’re not into fancy but still want that extra shine, check out all our other options. Four coats a year is all you need for that perfect shine and durable protection.






You look at your car and smile after a hard few hours. A soft breeze blows through the air, while the sunshine finally emerges from the clouds after conveniently hiding itself for the afternoon. Illuminated in all it’s glory, is your car. Every sunbeam seems to bounce off it’s newly immaculate paintwork, freshly washed to achieve a level of purity beyond that of even the most expensive Artesian Waters. Buffed to a lasting shine with your favourite polish and protected with the finest wax, your car now sparkles in the sun like the lakes you used to swim in many hazy summers ago.


Bird Droppings
Stamped, dispatched and on it’s way. Destination: your bonnet.


A couple of days later, you walk out of your house and into the driveway. You smile once again as your car continues to reflect the sky and the trees, now distinctly grey under a heavy cloud. You start to notice an uneasy stillness looming in the air. You feel like something isn’t quite right. Thunder rumbles ominously in the distance as you cross to the driver’s side, and then you see it. Running down the door of your otherwise stunning vehicle, apparently defying all laws of physics and nature, is the disgusting green sludge that can only be produced by a bird or a bat with a laser-guided aim. You look up to the heavens and yell at the anonymous avian vandal, as the first lightning bolt claps overhead, and the heavens begin to open.


A hard day’s work gone to waste right? No more. Neither the most mischievous Minor Birds or the most irritating Ibis will stand in the way of the car owner anymore, and cleaning bird droppings off your car has actually never been simpler. For those of you who simply accept your fate, the time has come for you to stand up for yourself against the airborne assailants. Bird Droppings are actually acidic, and leaving them sitting on your paintwork can cause far more lasting damage to your pristine finish than you’d think. If you’re ever parked under a fruit tree, take extra care for bat guano. It’s incredibly acidic and can wreck your paint faster than you can say “Gotham City”.


The Solution: Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes


Tackle the job with with Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes. Storing conveniently in your glovebox for quick removal of a mucky job, using them is as simple as applying the wipe, leaving the bird droppings to soften (ew.) and wiping away to leave the perfect finish you slaved so hard to achieve.

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