Nothing is cooler than a high-end cooling system (seriously, though), especially when parts made right here in Australia can achieve the best Turbo Intercooler performance worldwide. Say hello to Plazmaman.


You may know that the Sparesbox team are a little bit over-the-top-excited when it comes to shiny new street and race car gear, and little – actually, ANYTHING – comes close to the epic range of Inlet Manifolds, Plazmaclamps, and Plazmaman Intercoolers. So, why are we so *embarrassingly* obsessed with Plazmaman here at Sparesbox? Read on…

Plazmaman is all handmade – we kid you not!


Everything (yes, EVERYTHING) that Plazmaman manufacturer is handcrafted in their Aussie warehouse. Let me emphasise the handmade bit again, just in case you still don’t believe me. At their warehouse in Sydney, they have a complete manufacturing, fabrication, and finishing facility. They do everything! From welding to tube bending to product polishing and powder-coating – nothing at all is outsourced.


Plazmaman have not let quality slide – only improve – since growing to become the leading manufacturer of high end cooling and performance solutions for car-crazy Aussies and Kiwis like you and me. With enhanced detailing on every single product (check out those turbo intercooler faces), you will never want to own a car without a Plazmaman Intercooler ever, ever again.


The best investment for your car (or cars... let’s be real here)


Plazmaman offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of their fabrication and welds. There is no warranty for vehicles fitted with nitrous oxide because, you know, you guys live a bit dangerously.

They’ve always got their thinking caps on


Plazmaman have their own research and development department, which is also located in-house in Sydney. The small, hand-picked team of car enthusiasts and professionals have learnt from the best; the owners and founders of the business have over 50 years of combined experience in cooling technology – hence their state-of-the-art Plazmaman Intercoolers we can’t stop talking about.


Despite their existing expertise, the Plazmaman crew are committed to remaining ahead of the game, moving with the latest in car technology to bring you the best Turbo Intercoolers… and more! In their own words: ‘As the performance world moves forward – Plazmaman moves with it.’

Make your car a whole lot (inter)cooler with Plazmaman


Guys and gals, we can’t stress enough the importance of quality – especially if you’re buying for your race, track, industrial, or modified car! If we had to pick a favourite part from Plazmaman, it would be (yep, you guessed it) their Intercoolers, which are exactly what you need for your turbocharged or supercharged engine. We would never look anywhere else for a Turbo Intercooler!


Plazmaman’s European square tube and fin intercooler cores result in better cooling and less pressure drop compared to round tube, fin and bar, and plate cores. We love just how customizable Plazmaman Intercoolers are, suiting the most pedantic of car enthusiasts. You get to choose the kind of outlet you want for the fabricated bottom inlet/outlet tanks and you can pick from a raw, black, or polished finish for your Turbo Intercooler (we know looks are just as important as brains, in this instance!).

Because Plazmaman intercoolers are designed, engineered and built in Australia, they know the requirements of Australian cars in a way that the big international manufacturers simply do not. From 700hp Ford Falcon FG and FGX Xr6 Intercoolers through to Holden Commodore VL Turbo Intercoolers, Plazmaman’s range of Australian turbo parts is is unrivalled.

Fancy yourself a car artiste?


Plazmaman take care of the ficklest of customers, offering full custom designs based on your drawings. Pretty neat! This just goes to show how much they love what the do and creating just what you want for your car – why fork out the money for anything less?!


You can check out their range here, which includes the Plazmaman Intercoolers in the form of Turbo Plazmaman Intercooler Kits, Plazmaman Air to Air Intercoolers, Plazmaman W2A Intercoolers. Plazmaman also offer a whole lot of other amazing products: Air Intake, Alloy Mandrel Blends, Battery Relocation, Blow Off Valves, Boost Controllers, Diesel Products, Engine Components, Fuel Delivery, Intake Manifolds , Motorsport Fittings, Piping Kits, Plazmaclamps, Silicone Hoses, Throttle Bodies, Turbo Exhaust Manifolds, and Turbo Wastegates.


Please don’t blame us for your new Plazmaman obsession (actually, please do, we’ll happily take some street cred for those lower intake temps and sustained boost in the warmer months).

What is a Radiator?


A Radiators are an integral part in the Cooling System of all water-cooled vehicles. It is effectively a heat sink or heat exchanger. The coolant is cycled through your engine by your water pump, absorbing the heat dissipated by your engine which is then passed through your radiator.


A Radiator is made of three main parts including two tanks which typically come as a top tank and a bottom tank. Though sometimes the tanks can be located on the sides like the Radiator in the image below. The Radiator “Core” is the third main component.


Radiators width=


Single Pass vs. Double Pass Radiators


In the past, Radiators were what is referred to as “Single Pass”. Hot coolant enters the Radiator from the top (because its easier to allow the water to flow downwards than force it upwards almost vertically) and exited at the bottom on the opposite side.


Single Pass vs. Double Pass Radiators


Nowadays we have whats referred to as Double Pass Radiators. The hot coolant enters at the top of one corner, and is passed through the cores twice before exiting. This makes the most use of the available surface area of the Radiator.


A Radiator is all about surface area. As heat is dissipated through the metal of the Radiator, it is cooled by the air passing over it as you drive. The more surface area in contact with the cool air, the more effective it will be. This is the reason for the hundreds of small fins in the Radiator Core – it’s all about maximising surface area.


Radiator Fins


Modern Coolants have very effective agents added to them to stop corrosion of the Radiator and Engine Components. If the coolant is not changed regularly, it can go off and become ineffective. Any resulting corrosion is liable to become clogged in the Radiator Core. As you can imagine, the results of this can be disastrous. It always pays to keep your coolant in check and have the system flushed properly when changed.

As engine coolant cycles through your engine, it heats up as it dissipates and absorbs the heat from the engine to help cool it down. After travelling out of the engine, it enters your radiator to cool back down and lose head to the atmosphere, being pushed through a series of pipes which are kept cool by the air flowing into the front of the car. This is why the radiator is normally the first thing located behind your car’s front bumper. Radiators are often helped in their job with the use of water pumps to force coolant through, as well as fans to assist with air flow.

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