XFORCE Performance Exhausts have been engineered for peak performance with an accessible price tag. With distribution networks all over the country, XFORCE are rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the industry. But it hasn’t always been this way, we look at the rise of XFORCE and why they’re one of the best performance exhaust options for your turbo-four, V8, 4×4, or custom big engine build.


The perception of XFORCE exhausts has changed dramatically over the last decade, previously viewed as a budget option for Australian built V8’s, and — while they still offer entry-level kits like the XForce S-Spec Exhaust Systems — XFORCE have diversified their range and adapted to suit the changing car preferences of the Australian automotive enthusiast market. Check out more advanced ranges like the XForce R-Spec ExhaustXforce Pro Series, and Xforce Extreme Exhausts.


XFORCE Performance Exhausts


XFORCE understands that having an aftermarket exhaust fitted to your vehicle shouldn’t disrupt the way that your car feels to drive each day. As most enthusiasts can attest, having an aftermarket performance exhaust fitted to your car should enhance performance and noise when you want it, and be virtually indistinguishable from a stock exhaust when you don’t.


XFORCE’s focus on research, development, and customer feedback led to them creating the XForce VAREX muffler range. The XForce VAREX muffler range provides performance and pantomime when you want it, and, with the flick of a switch, a subtle growl that is virtually indistinguishable from your stock exhaust for when you need to sneak around under the radar.


XFORCE Performance Exhausts


XFORCE performance exhaust systems are specifically designed to suit each vehicle application. After each performance exhaust has gone through extensive research and development, they are subjected to dyno testing on the state-of-the-art Dynapack Evolution 3000 chassis dynameter machine where they are tweaked for maximum performance and efficiency.


In addition to recognising the changing nature of performance exhausts, XFORCE have also responded to the automotive industry’s move away from large displacement performance engines by investing heavily in creating bolt-on solutions for the latest crop of performance hatches including the Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Volkswagen Golf R.


Want to see what an XFORCE performance exhaust can do for your car? Check out the range of XFORCE performance exhausts at Sparesbox.


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and do up your exhaust. Great choice. Performance exhaust systems are one of the easier ways of boosting your car’s performance, allowing your engine to breathe far more efficiently by creating a clearer channel for the exhaust system to leave your car, in turn producing more power.


Many bolt-on systems, made by companies such as XForce Exhaust, come in a variety of different placements to suit your vehicle, your performance needs and your budget, which this piece will take a look at.


Cat-Back Exhaust Systems


Image: XForce Performance Exhuasts


Cat Back systems attach to the end your existing catalytic converter (a compartment which removes harmful carcinogenic from your exhaust gases) and go back from there. As soon as the gases leave the cat, the rest is left up to the new exhaust system in allowing the exhaust to escape from the car. These systems are cheaper than full exhaust kits, and generally require less time and effort to install. However, since you’re left at the mercy of the dump pipe and cat that your car came with, the performance boost you get from a cat back system is somewhat diminished.


If you’re really after an entry-level solution to give you a slight performance boost and an improved sound, a cat back system is still definitely worth a look.



Head/Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems


Image: XForce Performance Exhuasts


When it comes to getting a performance exhaust, the closer you can get it bolted on to the engine, the better. Head or turbo back exhausts attach to either your exhaust manifold or the turbo, replacing the dump pipe and catalytic converters with high-flow options. This allows for the best possible air flow for the exhaust as soon as it leaves the combustion chamber.


With the extra metal comes the extra money (as well as the the extra time it takes to fit) of course, but to get the best value for money out of a performance exhaust upgrade, a head or turbo back system is really the way to go.



For more information on whether to go bolt-on or opt for a fully custom exhaust, check out our guide here.

An upgraded exhaust system is one of the most simple and effective ways to boost the potential of your engine. Allowing for the quicker escape of exhaust gases and less expenditure of energy to accomplish this, performance exhaust systems help drive up the efficiency and power of your engine. Generally, these come in either bolt-on kits from companies like XForce Performance Exhaust, or are custom made for your vehicle. Which one is right for you though? Let’s take a look:


Bolt-On Exhaust Systems




Credit: XFORCE Performance Exhausts/SpeedTechNZ



There are many factors that simply make a bolt-on exhaust system easier, cheaper and less hassle than a custom exhaust system, the most obvious of these being that they simply bolt on, as the name implies. If you follow the instructions properly and do the installation yourself with with a group of trusted people, there’s no reason you can’t have a bolt-on exhaust system fitted in an hour or two, saving yourself both the time and money of professional installation.


Every bolt-on exhaust kit is made to fit the specific vehicle down to a tiny measurement, and will simply bolt on without any hassle. This perfect fit every time ensures you don’t have to worry about issues of reliability, particularly if it’s made of a high quality material such as stainless steel. Each bolt-on system is dyno tested to meet the standards of the particular vehicle it’s made for.

Since they’re generally mass produced, you also have a greater peace of mind with regards to build quality, ease of maintenance and repair if something were to go wrong, along with the quality of the bends and turns that are situated within the internals of your exhaust pipes. A lot of the time, if you pick a good one and fit it properly, it won’t need much maintenance for the life of your car, if any at all.


Obviously, they also generally tend to be cheaper than custom exhaust systems, which most people like.




There are two main issues with a bolt-on exhaust kit. First of all, if companies don’t offer a bolt-on solution for your car, then there’s not much you can do short of having a custom system made. Secondly, if you do find one for your car (which in fairness you probably will), once you bolt it on that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t offer much in terms of customisation and tuning, and while most bolt-on systems are tuned to ensure a significant performance increase, you’re always going to be limited by the constraints of the system you’ve installed.


This is only generally a problem for racing cars though, and in many cases the amount of added performance you’d be able to squeeze out of a custom exhaust system just doesn’t justify the amount of extra money you’d pay for it.



Custom Exhaust Systems


Credit: mbworld.org




The clear benefit of a custom exhaust is that as the name implies, it can be fitted, tuned and built to the requirements of the specific vehicle you drive. This is especially beneficial if you’re driving competitively, and need a system that provides a greater level of refinement than a standard bolt-on kit. Options such as twin dump pipes and varying sizes of primary runner lengths and mufflers are all made available with custom exhausts, which you don’t get with bolt-on systems.


Because of this, many custom exhausts, particularly the more expensive ones, ensure that your car gets the maximum performance boost that it’s possible to get out of your exhaust system, and offer a greater degree of customisation on the cosmetics, for instance the way your muffler tips look. Many bolt-on companies such as XFORCE offer singular parts such as mufflers and tips which enable for specific customisation, without having to go to the cost of building an entirely new system.




As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, custom exhausts are pretty damn expensive. Sometimes around 3-4 times the cost of a bolt-on system for the same car in extreme cases. They’re hand-built, and cost all the labour, parts and materials that come associated with that luxury. Often, this cost just isn’t worth it when you could get a similar performance upgrade from a bolt-on system, particularly if you’re not taking to the track on a regular basis.


The nature of hand-made products also presents reliability as a bit of an issue. If you go to a good exhaust company, chances are they’ll last a lifetime and be made to handle every rev you can squeeze out of your engine. If something goes wrong though, your exhaust system is yours alone, leaving you and your credit card at the mercy of whoever built it in the first place.



If you simply want better performance and better sound from your daily drive or occasional track toy, a bolt-on system is the better choice every time. We offer many different styles of bolt-on exhaust systems, including the reliable and affordable XForce S-Spec Exhaust. More advanced systems on offer include XForce R-Spec ExhaustXforce Pro Series, and Xforce Extreme Exhausts.

Performance exhausts essentially act as a sort of decongestant for your engine. Replacing your exhaust system with a performance kit creates a more open passage for the exhaust gases to travel through when escaping your engine. This allows your engine to breathe better, in other words to spend more time taking in air and fuel, thereby increasing its efficiency and power.

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