When it comes to deciding which brands make it onto the Sparesbox website, we have a very simple criterion; ‘Are the parts OE or greater in quality and performance?’. For Mann Filter’s, a brand that has been built on quality, performance, reliability, and value, the answer to that question is a resounding YES.


With Fix It Season upon us, we took this opportunity to find out a little more about Mann Filters and what makes them so good.


How has Mann Filter changed over the years?


From humble beginnings, Mann + Hummel have established themselves as world leaders in designing and manufacturing complete air, cabin, oil, and fuel filtration to suit a broad range of passenger cars, trucks, buses, and industrial applications. Some of their most popular systems include complete air filter systems, injection moulded intake air ducts, air box filters, and engine intake manifold filters.


In addition to their extensive range of air filters, Mann also manufacture complete oil filter modules that are supplied to some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.


Why is Mann Filter the Superior Choice?


All Mann Filter products have been manufactured to exact OE quality and performance standards. This means that all Mann Filters are going to perform to the exact standard as the one that was fitted to your vehicle from the factory, for a fraction of the price.


While Mann Filters are significantly less expensive than their OEM counterparts, they are not the cheapest option on the market- and they never will be. Mann are designed to be a cost-effective OE alternative, not a cheap, poor quality replacement. As such, you can be sure that all Mann Filters will last the entire filter service interval and thus prevent unwanted and often expensive repairs caused by poor-quality aftermarket replacements.



How do Mann Filters Retain OEM Standards?


Irrespective of the end application vehicle, all Mann filtration systems are designed in partnership with the OEM filter. Before designing an OE quality replacement filter, Mann meticulously research the OEM specifications of each filter.


Mann is one of the largest suppliers of OE quality filters to the Australian aftermarket and service industry. Mann Filters boast the richest product application listing by way of ‘equal to OEM quality’ for the entire Australian carpark, no other aftermarket filter manufacturer can make these claims. In addition to servicing the Australian aftermarket, Mann Filters have established themselves as the leading supplier of aftermarket OE quality filters to the European market.


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BMC are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of motorcycle and automotive filters. Winning international acclaim for their commitment to performance and innovation, BMC Air Filters are renowned for producing high performance air filters that are fit for racing and street use alike.


BMC Air Filters are the most successful filter in the worlds most competitive motorsport categories including nine Formula One World Championships, 11 Le Mans 24 Hours Titles, 8 of the last 9 V8 Supercar Championships and 8 Bathurst 1000 titles.


Designed to provide higher air flow than other filters, BMC air filters increase the amount of clean air that is delivered to your engine, thereby improving performance. Designed with no joins that can cause breakages or deformation, BMC Air Filters fit perfectly into any shape box.


In addition to the numerous performance benefits of a BMC Performance Air Filter, BMC Filters can be regenerated through a washing process that allows them to be reused time and time again. As a guide, BMC air filters have an expected life span equal to that of the vehicle.


Fitting BMC Air Filter


Once you’ve received your BMC Performance Air Filter, it’s time to fit it and start enjoying the benefits of a reusable performance air filter.


Here’s a few tips for getting started:


  • First things first, verify that you have the correct filter that is listed on the BMC catalogue for your make, model, year, and engine size.
  • While you’ve got your engine cover off, us this opportunity to clean any extraneous dust or dirt that may have built up around your stock air box
  • Ensure there is no debris that will inhibit the flow of clean air to your engine


What’s Required?


  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 10mm Socket & Long Extension


Fitment Time




Fitment Difficulty




Fitting BMC Performance Air Filter to Mini Cooper S


  1. Locate the air filter box at the top right side of your engine.
  2. Unplug the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).
  3. Loosen the clamp that connects the intake tube to the air box using a flat head screw driver. Once loosened, the intake tube should easily move away from the air box.
  4. Using a 10mm socket wrench and Philips head screw driver, remove the nuts and bolts that hold the airbox housing together.
  5. Remove the air box housing and air filter. They should easily pull away, if you are tugging- something hasn’t been loosened properly!
  6. Drop in the new BMC Performance Air Filter.
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 in reverse order.
  8. Enjoy the new-found performance of your Mini Cooper S!


BMC Mini Cooper Air Filter Fitment Video


How To Clean Your K&N Air Filter


So you decided to buy a K&N Air Filter, gold star for you. They’re great for your fuel economy, your air flow and most importantly, they’re washable and reusable! We previously talked about why they’re such nifty filters. Now, how to clean your K&N air filter!


Your filter might look a little dirty but doesn’t really need to be cleaned yet. So how often should you clean your K&N Filter and how often should you oil your K&N Filter? Your K&N Air Filter should go for 80467.2 kilometres (that’s 50,000 miles) before it really needs a clean.  Here’s some pics from K&N’s website on when to clean and when not to clean:


K&N Dirty vs. K&N Clean

If your filter looks like the one on the right, we recommend getting your hands on a K&N Filter Recharge Clean and Oil Kit 99-5050. This K&N air filter cleaning kit will give you 355 ml of K&N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner and 237 ml in the Squeeze Oil Bottle to get you on your merry way. K&N’s kit will help you achieve the best results as it’s made with K&N filters specifically in mind.


You might be thinking, “Can’t I clean K&N Air Filters without a kit?” Yes, by all means, if you’d rather not spend $19.95 and trust some dodgy online forum and hope that username: BigDady69 knows what they’re talking about, then by all means, stop reading here and run along.



Don't Clean Your K&N Air Filter with Gas
source: answers.yahoo.com


We hope you haven’t run along because we want to give you four easy peasy steps to clean that dirty filter! We also have some great pics we borrowed from K&N to help make these steps even easier to follow because we’re all about sweet and simple. We also suggest picking a nice sunny day, so you can roll up the garage door and enjoy  a cold beverage while you do this. Will make it all the more enjoyable.


Alright, alright, enough chit-chat already , let’s go:


1. Apply the K&N Air Filter Cleaner

Spray that K&N Kleen Air Filter Cleaner onto both sides of the filter, and don’t be scabby, get liberal about it. Let it soak for max 10 minutes (that’s more than enough time to get that drink out of the fridge and start sipping) to loosen the dirt BUT DO NOT allow the cleaner to dry on the filter.


Clean K&N Round Air Filter


2. Rinse the K&N Air Filter

Use cool low-pressure water to rinse out the dirt and rinse off all traces of that Kleen Cleaner. However, if your filter was looking more like a shag pile carpet that hasn’t been cleaned since the 70’s then you might need to repeat these first two steps.


Clean K&N Panel Filter


3. Dry the K&N Air Filter

After rinsing, gently shake off the excess water. No shaking it like you’re in the Outkast film clip for “Hey Ya.” Only gently shake it. Then you need to let it dry naturally (perfect time to make some headway through that drink).


4. Apply K&N Filter Oil

It’s important NOT to apply the K&N Air Filter Oil until after the filter has dried. Once it has squeeze the oil along the crown of every pleat. Leave the oil to wick (aka absorb) for roughly 20 minutes then go back and touch up any sections that haven’t turned up a uniform red colour. Repeat until it all looks the same colour.


Oil K&N Air Filter


So your car’s no longer got that brand new car appeal. Instead of getting looks of admiration, it’s getting looks of pity. Fear no more, let us give you 10 ways that won’t break the bank and give your car the moderate makeover it deserves.


1. Get Cleaning (part one)

Yep, it’s super obvious that a good clean up will do wonders but we’re not just talking about removing those hidden empty chip packets stashed away in your car seat pockets. We’re talking about getting super stuck in: the in-laws are coming over for Christmas type clean.

Start with vacuuming everything, and we mean everything. Under the seats, on top of the seats, in between the seats!  Get that vacuum in the boot, under the floor mats, in the doors, the dash, get it yet?

Your hair is not the only thing that benefits from a regular shampoo, give those spots and dots a scrub! Get in there and eliminate them with some Autoglym Interior Shampoo. It’s affordable, it’s a premium brand and it’s great at quickly removing any built up dirt and grime from mats, headlining, dashboard, doors, switches, pedals and more. Success? Not yet, but you’re well on your way.



2.Cover Up

Hopefully, your dashboard and steering wheel don’t look anything like this, otherwise, I’m not sure how many of these tips will help you (sorry).

If your seats and steering wheel are looking a bit worse for wear, and no matter how much interior shampoo you use, that 5-year-old coffee stain is not going to come out, banging on a new wheel cover, dash cover and some seat covers could do the trick.

Yes, I know some seat covers are scary and should never see the light of day, that combination of cartoon characters and just plain ugly is definitely not something I would recommend….unless of course, you’re into that. A nice sleek cover in an inoffensive colour can be the facelift your car’s interior needs, it covers up the old and manages the inevitable eating on-the-go moments.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 4.19.47 pm


3. Deodorise

No one likes a stinky car. Be it food scrap stink, you left the window slightly open and it rained stink or smelly pet stink. It’s going to kill anyone’s vibe regardless of how fresh your car looks. You can easily get hands on car odour eliminator to get rid of stubborn odours lingering on in your interior fabric and throw in an unobtrusive smelling air freshener for good measure.


4. Air Filters and Air Conditioning

Following on from the previous note, if you’ve got any funny smells coming through your air conditioning when you turn it on it might also be a good idea to check the condition of your Cabin Air Filter (if your car has one; check the owners manual). Cabin Air Filters, play an important role in filtering out all that pollution and crap that floats about. Dirty Cabin Air Filters can collect all sorts of gross pollutants which can cause the smell. A quick change to a new one is not only good for your health but will hopefully also get rid of any stink being caused by a dirty one.


5. Audio

Nothing says dated like an outdated audio system but if you’re still digging CD’s and cassette tapes then read no more. If you’re sick of listening to talk-back radio shows and want to plug your iPad or iPhone in then tune in.

Now this might break the “don’t break the bank rule” depending on how much you want to pimp your sound system.  You can go all out and replace the whole sound system and speakers or you can go for something a less. New radio head units that have Bluetooth, integrated with your iPod and iPhone should come relatively cheap if you do your research and shop around.



6. Flush out those Fluids!

Would you like to be chugging down on contaminated, old fluids? Thought not, well, neither does your car. Did you know Power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid can become contaminated with age?  It’s a good idea to do regular oil changes to keep your car running smoothly and to help prolong its life. Flushing and resetting your Motor Oil, Transmission Oil, Antifreeze and Differential Fluid is also a good idea.



7. Get Cleaning (part two)

We started with the interior, now it’s the exterior. Even if you are short on time or too lazy (or don’t have any young relatives to bribe) to do anything else we suggest giving the body of your car a serious clean is the quickest fix for making your car feel new. Kinda like shoving all that mess into a drawer instead of putting it away. Okay, so there are like fifty million bodywork cleaning products out there so let’s make it easy and suggest some Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s super affordable and a great product.


8. Windows and Wipers

We’re focusing on the insides of your windows this time. If you have kids or any form of grubby passengers, there’s likely to be grime or marks ruining your perfect view. Giving it a polish with  Autoglym Glass Polish will get rid of the muck and give you that lasting shine they talk about in dishwasher ads.  You can also use in on your wipers to give them a clean, which takes us onto the next thing, Wiper Blades! Don’t neglect your wipers. Having rusty, old wipers will make your car look older and affect their effectiveness. Give yourself clarity of vision and keep in mind you should probably change them every 6 – 12 months.



9. Tired Tyres

Clean those rims! Having dirty rims is massively going to affect the feel of your car. You don’t have to change your rims to some pimped out insanity to get your car feeling upgraded and new. This is kinda a part 3 to the cleaning process, so get down there with some Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner. Completely acid-free, designed to clean a wide variety of wheel types; the perfect treatment to get them gleaming.


10. “Wax on, Wax off”

Not only is it an awesome quote from an awesome movie but it’s also an awesome way to give the body of your car that new car shine. Post-80’s cars were given an extra layer of clear coat for protection against environmental abuse and added shine, but over time even that will start to fade and lose its shine. Giving it the Autoglym Wax Kit experience is something your car will never forget. Yes, this option is a little fancy but your car deserves a little love. If you’re not into fancy but still want that extra shine, check out all our other options. Four coats a year is all you need for that perfect shine and durable protection.






Trying to figure out what filter you’re going to use on your latest Instagram photo can be challenging enough let alone figuring out which brand of filter is going to be the best option for you and your car.


SO let’s give you the low down on the pros and cons of K&N air filters to keep you in the know when it comes to replacing your filters.


K&N Air Filters Pros

Washable and Reusable

Without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions to using a K&N filter is that they’re washable. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter back in 1969 and have continued to work tirelessly on developing the technology that sets them apart from other brands. Lasting 50,000 miles (that’s 80467.2 km!) between servicing; giving your filter a wash and oiling will prepare it for another 50,000 miles. (Also, a massive plus if you’re conscious about how much crap you’re putting in landfills!)


Lasting Power

Some things are good when they’re “short n’ sweet” like speeches and ad segments during your favourite T.V. show. Other things, like how long parts last in your car, are not. K&N’s air filters are developed to last the distance. Their million-mile warranty is a surefire sign that they stand behind their products, allowing completely stress-free driving for anyone who invests in the K&N philosophy; that filters should last the life of a vehicle. Now that’s some lasting power!


Air Flow

As you’d imagine, the better the air filter the greater the air flow. Since K&N offer quality, you can expect insane flow. Increased flow allows the engine to perform the way it’s meant to. With enough air, an engine can display its true potential. This is something that a paper filter won’t provide an engine with. In short, K&N filters can help prolong the life of an engine by feeding it the air it needs.





K&N Air Filters
source: blog.cochran.com


Fuel Economy

When I hear the word economy, I usually switch off and wait for the drone of  “in the red” to end, but this is economy to get excited about! The result of improved air flow is increased fuel economy. With more air and ideal engine output, it won’t surprise you that your engine is going to deal with fuel that little bit better. For those of us keeping an eye on our spending, enriched efficiency in burning fuel is the holy grail. A K&N air filter can provide those extra couples of miles per gallon. Ideal.


Power Hungry

K&N air filters will boost your car’s overall horsepower by 1-4% in total. It might not sound like much, but how else can you boost your power without forking out a small fortune?



Ease of Fitment

The great thing about a lifelong aftermarket filter is it’s pretty damn easy to put in place. K&N make their air filters ready-to-use and are made in a way that means they fit inch-perfect in the place of the original air filter. You can check out the installation instruction here on K&N’s website.


A Wallet’s Best Friend (In The Long Run)

Although K&N filters are more expensive than sticking with paper filters short term, the reality is, you’re saving money in the long run. A paper filter might seem more cost-effective, but with a paper filter, it’s never just the one. Expect to buy a series of paper replacements, and expect to see the overall cost pile up. Buying K&N means your wallet will thank you in the end, oh yeah and who doesn’t like a little extra spending money?


K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters Cons

Cost (Short-Term)

Okay, per item a K&N air filter is pricier than its paper competitor. Looking at the price point of a K&N filter can be daunting when you see other air filters four times cheaper. So on that basis, those who doubt the values of a K&N filter have a point. If your current car is on its last legs (or wheels, rather), then a one-off paper filter would be more cost-effective however if your car isn’t heading to the scrap yard then a K&N filter is a worthwhile cost-saving option long term.



The main downside? Cleaning a K&N air filter is a pain in the backside. A great selling point for K&N is that their filters’ are washable, but who wants to do that? Washing, drying, re-fitting. Boring, right? Agreed. However, we have a pretty stress-free 3 step guide to keep your boring time to a minimum! Either that or get a younger relative to do it for you for ice cream…just kidding…kinda.


Made up your mind about K&N filter? Head over to our website to pick one up! Click here!


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