Performance is at the heart of everything that Motul do. Since their first escapade into Motorsport in the 1950s, racing has been Motul’s prime creative and innovative laboratory.


Over the years, Motul have developed a strong relationship with some of the worlds leading automotive innovators and has been a dedicated technical partner and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer to Honda HRC, Suzuki, Aprilla, MV Agusta, Nissan Nismo, and Subaru, as well as high performance engineering companies such as Brabus and APR Tuning.


From standard passenger cars, to the classics of the 50s, 60s and 70s, and the highest performance modern engines coming out of Europe, all Motul products have benefitted from a proud history of research and testing in some of the world’s harshest arenas. As we launch the Motul Racewars Free Gift Promotion, we thought it was an opportune time to pay homage to Motul’s racing legacy and the products that makes Motul so good.




Motul le mans


Like Motul, Nismo is synonymous with uncompromising performance and passion in everything that they do. The famed in-house tuning division of Nissan has been collaborating with Motul in the development of OE-level and race-spec oil for their fines performance cars. Namely, Motul have worked with Nismo to develop oil for the Nissan R35 GT-R, as well as the car that disrupted the supercar hierarchy and redefined performance in the 1990s- the Nismo Edition Skyline GT-R.


Le Mans


le mans motul


One of the longest running staples on the Motorsport calendar, Le Mans has long been the proving ground for performance racing oil. Motul have become a trusted name by many Le Mans series competitors throughout both the FIA World Endurance Championship and the European Le Mans Series.

The most notable of these teams, aside from the aforementioned Nissan Racing team, is Hong Kong’s KCMG, who were assisted by Motul in guiding their Oreca 05 into the LMP2 class win (and 9th overall) at both this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans and 6 Hours of the Nurburgring.


Motorcycle Racing


motul moto


In Australia, Motul are one of the oldest and most respected names in motorcycle oils and lubricants, and for good reason. Just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, you can be sure that most specialist motorcycle workshops will have a Motul sign, and that’s because Motul have developed their motorcycle oil to a point where it’s recognised as an industry pioneer by MotoGP, World Superbikes, the Isle of Man TT, Supercross and Trial Biking teams around the world.


Rally Motorsport


motul rally


Perhaps the most brutal and extreme testing ground for performance, motorsport-grade oil, Motul’s association with the Paris Dakar Rally means that you can be sure that Motul Oil is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions, across the highest range of temperatures and RPM.


Motul have earned a name as a trusted partner for many teams throughout the World Rally Championship and the new, booming World RallyCross Championship. Some of the world’s most demanding Rally Raid teams have also demanded the kind of quality that Motul provides, in arenas such as the Paris-Dakar where there is no room for mechanical error.



So, what are some of the products that make Motul so good?



Motul 300V


motul 300v


Motul 300V has been developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading race teams over a variety of disciplines. As a result of extreme testing and uncompromising research and development, the Motul 300V is considered by many to provide the very best in protection for engines that are pushed to the absolute limit in terms of revs, temperature and conditions. Guaranteed to deliver the best in engine response, power delivery and unbreakable protection, Motul 300V is ideally suited to high-performance and modified engines.



Motul 8100


motul oil 8100


Looking for amazing oil for your modern passenger car? Checkout the Motul 8100 range! Motul’s 8100 range is the ultimate 100% synthetic solution to care for modern engines that require the finest to perform at their best. The 8100 range stretches across a huge range of viscosity and grades, with every variant in the range designed specifically to cater for the types of engines most likely to use it.


To suit a wide range of Euro Emissions Regulations, as well as the stringent OE Requirements of some of the world’s most particular car manufacturers, choose Motul 8100. 8100 is also highly recommended for newer engines that are still under their warranty


Motul H-Tech 100


motul oil h-tech


Motul H-Tech 100 is a 100% synthetic oil that is ideally suited to general purpose application in a wide variety of engines. Engineered to uphold the highest standards of oil quality and protection, Motul H-Tech 100 is the recommended range by a large variety of Japanese, Korean and American vehicle manufacturers.


All Motul H-Tech oils meet stringent API Standards where relevant, and like the 8100 range are catered specifically for certain vehicle and engine types, ensuring your engine gets the most tailored protection possible.


Motul Technosynthese


motul oil technosynthese


Technosynthese refers to all of Motul’s products that feature a synthetic blend in order to enhance the mineral oils that it’s blended with. The Motul Technosynthese range of oils offer a great budget-oriented selection of oils to suit a wide variety of passenger cars. Technosynthese oils like the Motul Multipower range is also great for use in modern and large displacement engines, while the 6100 line offers exceptional protection for modern, high-performance engines.


Where to Buy & How to Choose Motul Oil


Need help choosing the right Motul oil? Check out the Motul oil selector HERE


Already know which Motul oil you need? Shop the Sparesbox Motul oil range HERE



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13 of the Most Asked Car Service Questions – Answered!

So your car’s no longer got that brand new car appeal. Instead of getting looks of admiration, it’s getting looks of pity. Fear no more, let us give you 10 ways that won’t break the bank and give your car the moderate makeover it deserves.


1. Get Cleaning (part one)

Yep, it’s super obvious that a good clean up will do wonders but we’re not just talking about removing those hidden empty chip packets stashed away in your car seat pockets. We’re talking about getting super stuck in: the in-laws are coming over for Christmas type clean.

Start with vacuuming everything, and we mean everything. Under the seats, on top of the seats, in between the seats!  Get that vacuum in the boot, under the floor mats, in the doors, the dash, get it yet?

Your hair is not the only thing that benefits from a regular shampoo, give those spots and dots a scrub! Get in there and eliminate them with some Autoglym Interior Shampoo. It’s affordable, it’s a premium brand and it’s great at quickly removing any built up dirt and grime from mats, headlining, dashboard, doors, switches, pedals and more. Success? Not yet, but you’re well on your way.



2.Cover Up

Hopefully, your dashboard and steering wheel don’t look anything like this, otherwise, I’m not sure how many of these tips will help you (sorry).

If your seats and steering wheel are looking a bit worse for wear, and no matter how much interior shampoo you use, that 5-year-old coffee stain is not going to come out, banging on a new wheel cover, dash cover and some seat covers could do the trick.

Yes, I know some seat covers are scary and should never see the light of day, that combination of cartoon characters and just plain ugly is definitely not something I would recommend….unless of course, you’re into that. A nice sleek cover in an inoffensive colour can be the facelift your car’s interior needs, it covers up the old and manages the inevitable eating on-the-go moments.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 4.19.47 pm


3. Deodorise

No one likes a stinky car. Be it food scrap stink, you left the window slightly open and it rained stink or smelly pet stink. It’s going to kill anyone’s vibe regardless of how fresh your car looks. You can easily get hands on car odour eliminator to get rid of stubborn odours lingering on in your interior fabric and throw in an unobtrusive smelling air freshener for good measure.


4. Air Filters and Air Conditioning

Following on from the previous note, if you’ve got any funny smells coming through your air conditioning when you turn it on it might also be a good idea to check the condition of your Cabin Air Filter (if your car has one; check the owners manual). Cabin Air Filters, play an important role in filtering out all that pollution and crap that floats about. Dirty Cabin Air Filters can collect all sorts of gross pollutants which can cause the smell. A quick change to a new one is not only good for your health but will hopefully also get rid of any stink being caused by a dirty one.


5. Audio

Nothing says dated like an outdated audio system but if you’re still digging CD’s and cassette tapes then read no more. If you’re sick of listening to talk-back radio shows and want to plug your iPad or iPhone in then tune in.

Now this might break the “don’t break the bank rule” depending on how much you want to pimp your sound system.  You can go all out and replace the whole sound system and speakers or you can go for something a less. New radio head units that have Bluetooth, integrated with your iPod and iPhone should come relatively cheap if you do your research and shop around.



6. Flush out those Fluids!

Would you like to be chugging down on contaminated, old fluids? Thought not, well, neither does your car. Did you know Power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid can become contaminated with age?  It’s a good idea to do regular oil changes to keep your car running smoothly and to help prolong its life. Flushing and resetting your Motor Oil, Transmission Oil, Antifreeze and Differential Fluid is also a good idea.



7. Get Cleaning (part two)

We started with the interior, now it’s the exterior. Even if you are short on time or too lazy (or don’t have any young relatives to bribe) to do anything else we suggest giving the body of your car a serious clean is the quickest fix for making your car feel new. Kinda like shoving all that mess into a drawer instead of putting it away. Okay, so there are like fifty million bodywork cleaning products out there so let’s make it easy and suggest some Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s super affordable and a great product.


8. Windows and Wipers

We’re focusing on the insides of your windows this time. If you have kids or any form of grubby passengers, there’s likely to be grime or marks ruining your perfect view. Giving it a polish with  Autoglym Glass Polish will get rid of the muck and give you that lasting shine they talk about in dishwasher ads.  You can also use in on your wipers to give them a clean, which takes us onto the next thing, Wiper Blades! Don’t neglect your wipers. Having rusty, old wipers will make your car look older and affect their effectiveness. Give yourself clarity of vision and keep in mind you should probably change them every 6 – 12 months.



9. Tired Tyres

Clean those rims! Having dirty rims is massively going to affect the feel of your car. You don’t have to change your rims to some pimped out insanity to get your car feeling upgraded and new. This is kinda a part 3 to the cleaning process, so get down there with some Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner. Completely acid-free, designed to clean a wide variety of wheel types; the perfect treatment to get them gleaming.


10. “Wax on, Wax off”

Not only is it an awesome quote from an awesome movie but it’s also an awesome way to give the body of your car that new car shine. Post-80’s cars were given an extra layer of clear coat for protection against environmental abuse and added shine, but over time even that will start to fade and lose its shine. Giving it the Autoglym Wax Kit experience is something your car will never forget. Yes, this option is a little fancy but your car deserves a little love. If you’re not into fancy but still want that extra shine, check out all our other options. Four coats a year is all you need for that perfect shine and durable protection.






Octane Boosters simply raise the RON (Research Octane Number) of the fuel.


A conventional petrol engine relies on its ability to compress an air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, to be ignited by the spark plugs at a very precise moment. Basic physics will tell you that the compression of the air/fuel mixture creates heat as the molecules speed up and kinetic energy becomes heat energy. The problem with this is if enough heat is created, it can cause the mixture to self-ignite. This is referred to as Pre-Ignition or “Pinging” in reference to the sound it makes. This is incredibly detrimental to an engine and is one of the quickest ways to shorten your engines life.


A cars potential for power output boils down simply to how much air it can compress into the smallest space possible. The measurement of this is referred to as a “compression ratio”. As the mixture is compressed more and more, the heat energy produced will increase exponentially, as does the potential for Pre-ignition.


The RON rating is a measurement of a fuels resistance to ignition. A 98RON fuel is less volatile than a 95RON fuel, and is harder to ignite. This makes it more ideal for performance focused or turbocharged engines that have high compression ratios or use a turbocharger to operate above 100% volumetric efficiency.


On the other hand, using a high RON fuel in a car that does not require it, means it wont burn the less Volatile fuel as completely and you will suffer poor economy and power.


An Octane Booster when added to a fuel, increases its RON. If you can hear a light inconsistent rapping or knocking from your engine when accelerating or under load, it may be due to the incorrect fuel being used and we would recommend Octane Booster as a quick remedy.


Will Octane Booster make my Car Faster?


A common misconception is that using an Octane Booster will make your car quicker. The simple answer is no, it will not. The only circumstance in which it will help your car go faster is if fuel with an inadequate RON was used in the first place.

Looking to improve the performance of your car? Check out our guide to Stage 1 Guide to Tuning your Car.


Octane Booster

What is a Manual Transmission and Differential?

Manual Transmissions and Differentials are deceptively simple devices. A Manual Transmission in its simplest of forms, drives the reciprocating motion created by engine through a pair of gears. You change these gears to different sized gears to effect the speed at which the output spins. A Differential transfers the motion from one axis to another through a series of meshed gears. An exaggerated example of this is shown below:


Transmission and Differential


The above gears are often referred to as an under-drive. The small pulley is turning the large pulley, this is akin to a vehicles first gear, where the engine rpm increases quickly but the cars speed does not. This allows for mechanical advantage, giving higher drive force at the expense of speed. If both gears were the same size, the effort and drive speed would be identical, allowing for a higher vehicle spee, as the engine is going to reach its maximum rpm at a slower rate. This is similar to a third or fourth gear.


If the driver gear was larger than the driven gear, it allows the engine to turn slowly, with a comparable road speed (similar to a fifth or sixth gear). This is also the reason your final gear is typically referred to as “overdrive”.


How Additives assist your Transmission and Differential


As you can imagine, there is a lot of force placed on the teeth of your vehicles gears and manufacturers recommend particular gear oils to lubricate them. This will also help reduce wear, noise and help in obtaining a smooth shift. A gearbox with no oil in it will only last a matter of hours if you’re lucky.


Gear additives are available to add additional protection, and make for a smoother shift. The way they do this is simple on the surface…

Take for example Nulon’s G70 additive, one of the most popular additives on the market. It contains polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which on a molecular level is very very small. When placed under pressure it actually penetrates the metal surfaces. While the metal components may appear smooth at first, when viewed up close the flat machined surfaces actually appear like the surface of the moon, with rises and undulations. The additive embeds itself in the metal, providing an additional layer of protection, and smoothing the inconsistencies in this surface. This makes for a smooth shift, quiet operation and additional protection.

Definitely. Making sure you have not only the right engine oil for your specific vehicle but also a high quality oil, is one of the first basic steps to properly looking after your car. Poor quality oil doesn’t have the heat dissipating quality it should, potentially leading to overheating. The lubricating quality on a poor quality/incorrect oil is also compromised, which can lead to premature wear and in extreme cases, your engine completely seizing up.

Have a question about your vehicle?