Nothing is cooler than a high-end cooling system (seriously, though), especially when parts made right here in Australia can achieve the best Turbo Intercooler performance worldwide. Say hello to Plazmaman.


You may know that the Sparesbox team are a little bit over-the-top-excited when it comes to shiny new street and race car gear, and little – actually, ANYTHING – comes close to the epic range of Inlet Manifolds, Plazmaclamps, and Plazmaman Intercoolers. So, why are we so *embarrassingly* obsessed with Plazmaman here at Sparesbox? Read on…

Plazmaman is all handmade – we kid you not!


Everything (yes, EVERYTHING) that Plazmaman manufacturer is handcrafted in their Aussie warehouse. Let me emphasise the handmade bit again, just in case you still don’t believe me. At their warehouse in Sydney, they have a complete manufacturing, fabrication, and finishing facility. They do everything! From welding to tube bending to product polishing and powder-coating – nothing at all is outsourced.


Plazmaman have not let quality slide – only improve – since growing to become the leading manufacturer of high end cooling and performance solutions for car-crazy Aussies and Kiwis like you and me. With enhanced detailing on every single product (check out those turbo intercooler faces), you will never want to own a car without a Plazmaman Intercooler ever, ever again.


The best investment for your car (or cars... let’s be real here)


Plazmaman offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of their fabrication and welds. There is no warranty for vehicles fitted with nitrous oxide because, you know, you guys live a bit dangerously.

They’ve always got their thinking caps on


Plazmaman have their own research and development department, which is also located in-house in Sydney. The small, hand-picked team of car enthusiasts and professionals have learnt from the best; the owners and founders of the business have over 50 years of combined experience in cooling technology – hence their state-of-the-art Plazmaman Intercoolers we can’t stop talking about.


Despite their existing expertise, the Plazmaman crew are committed to remaining ahead of the game, moving with the latest in car technology to bring you the best Turbo Intercoolers… and more! In their own words: ‘As the performance world moves forward – Plazmaman moves with it.’

Make your car a whole lot (inter)cooler with Plazmaman


Guys and gals, we can’t stress enough the importance of quality – especially if you’re buying for your race, track, industrial, or modified car! If we had to pick a favourite part from Plazmaman, it would be (yep, you guessed it) their Intercoolers, which are exactly what you need for your turbocharged or supercharged engine. We would never look anywhere else for a Turbo Intercooler!


Plazmaman’s European square tube and fin intercooler cores result in better cooling and less pressure drop compared to round tube, fin and bar, and plate cores. We love just how customizable Plazmaman Intercoolers are, suiting the most pedantic of car enthusiasts. You get to choose the kind of outlet you want for the fabricated bottom inlet/outlet tanks and you can pick from a raw, black, or polished finish for your Turbo Intercooler (we know looks are just as important as brains, in this instance!).

Because Plazmaman intercoolers are designed, engineered and built in Australia, they know the requirements of Australian cars in a way that the big international manufacturers simply do not. From 700hp Ford Falcon FG and FGX Xr6 Intercoolers through to Holden Commodore VL Turbo Intercoolers, Plazmaman’s range of Australian turbo parts is is unrivalled.

Fancy yourself a car artiste?


Plazmaman take care of the ficklest of customers, offering full custom designs based on your drawings. Pretty neat! This just goes to show how much they love what the do and creating just what you want for your car – why fork out the money for anything less?!


You can check out their range here, which includes the Plazmaman Intercoolers in the form of Turbo Plazmaman Intercooler Kits, Plazmaman Air to Air Intercoolers, Plazmaman W2A Intercoolers. Plazmaman also offer a whole lot of other amazing products: Air Intake, Alloy Mandrel Blends, Battery Relocation, Blow Off Valves, Boost Controllers, Diesel Products, Engine Components, Fuel Delivery, Intake Manifolds , Motorsport Fittings, Piping Kits, Plazmaclamps, Silicone Hoses, Throttle Bodies, Turbo Exhaust Manifolds, and Turbo Wastegates.


Please don’t blame us for your new Plazmaman obsession (actually, please do, we’ll happily take some street cred for those lower intake temps and sustained boost in the warmer months).

How To Clean Your K&N Air Filter


So you decided to buy a K&N Air Filter, gold star for you. They’re great for your fuel economy, your air flow and most importantly, they’re washable and reusable! We previously talked about why they’re such nifty filters. Now, how to clean your K&N air filter!


Your filter might look a little dirty but doesn’t really need to be cleaned yet. So how often should you clean your K&N Filter and how often should you oil your K&N Filter? Your K&N Air Filter should go for 80467.2 kilometres (that’s 50,000 miles) before it really needs a clean.  Here’s some pics from K&N’s website on when to clean and when not to clean:


K&N Dirty vs. K&N Clean

If your filter looks like the one on the right, we recommend getting your hands on a K&N Filter Recharge Clean and Oil Kit 99-5050. This K&N air filter cleaning kit will give you 355 ml of K&N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner and 237 ml in the Squeeze Oil Bottle to get you on your merry way. K&N’s kit will help you achieve the best results as it’s made with K&N filters specifically in mind.


You might be thinking, “Can’t I clean K&N Air Filters without a kit?” Yes, by all means, if you’d rather not spend $19.95 and trust some dodgy online forum and hope that username: BigDady69 knows what they’re talking about, then by all means, stop reading here and run along.



Don't Clean Your K&N Air Filter with Gas


We hope you haven’t run along because we want to give you four easy peasy steps to clean that dirty filter! We also have some great pics we borrowed from K&N to help make these steps even easier to follow because we’re all about sweet and simple. We also suggest picking a nice sunny day, so you can roll up the garage door and enjoy  a cold beverage while you do this. Will make it all the more enjoyable.


Alright, alright, enough chit-chat already , let’s go:


1. Apply the K&N Air Filter Cleaner

Spray that K&N Kleen Air Filter Cleaner onto both sides of the filter, and don’t be scabby, get liberal about it. Let it soak for max 10 minutes (that’s more than enough time to get that drink out of the fridge and start sipping) to loosen the dirt BUT DO NOT allow the cleaner to dry on the filter.


Clean K&N Round Air Filter


2. Rinse the K&N Air Filter

Use cool low-pressure water to rinse out the dirt and rinse off all traces of that Kleen Cleaner. However, if your filter was looking more like a shag pile carpet that hasn’t been cleaned since the 70’s then you might need to repeat these first two steps.


Clean K&N Panel Filter


3. Dry the K&N Air Filter

After rinsing, gently shake off the excess water. No shaking it like you’re in the Outkast film clip for “Hey Ya.” Only gently shake it. Then you need to let it dry naturally (perfect time to make some headway through that drink).


4. Apply K&N Filter Oil

It’s important NOT to apply the K&N Air Filter Oil until after the filter has dried. Once it has squeeze the oil along the crown of every pleat. Leave the oil to wick (aka absorb) for roughly 20 minutes then go back and touch up any sections that haven’t turned up a uniform red colour. Repeat until it all looks the same colour.


Oil K&N Air Filter


First things first, don’t know what shock absorbers do? Head here. Bam! Problem Solved! Next! Okay, now you want to know a little more because a little more knowledge never hurt nobody!


So, you want to replace your worn out shock absorbers or maybe you want to upgrade them to a brand new level of awesomeness but in a world of endless shock absorber possibilities you’re having a little trouble choosing. Let us try and shed some light on a frequently asked question.


‘What’s the difference between Monroe and KYB shock absorbers?’


Well, both are top tier brands that provide a variety of high-quality replacement shock absorbers. SO what the hell’s the difference? Here’s a little look at each brand.


Monroe Shock Absorbers



An American company celebrating 100 years this year, Monroe created one of the first complete, ready-to-install strut assemblies. Looking at $66.95 upwards per shock, Monroe Shock Absorbers are designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Monroe has branded themselves as delivering, “both a soft, comfortable ride and firm vehicle handling.”


They use technologies that are designed to match or exceed OE (original equipment) specifications; making these shocks best suited to restore your OE ride control.


If you’re looking for a quality replacement that’s not too fancy and you like their vision of, “Pioneering global ideas for cleaner, quieter and safer transportation,” then get on the Monroe bandwagon.



KYB Shock Absorber

KYB originally hails from the land of delicious sushi, Tokyo, Japan.


A Japanese heavyweight in aftermarket and OE suspension solutions, their reputation for quality shock absorbers is well known in the industry.


bullet train

Cool fact; KYB are the chosen suspension supplier for Japan’s Shinkansen Bullet Trains that travel up to 300 kilometres per hour and transport millions of passengers daily!


Proud recipients of the Deming Prize, the world’s oldest and most prestigious global award for total quality control, you can be sure they must be pretty damn good.


Sitting at $89.95 per shock absorbers upwards, KYB have a massive range of shock absorbers to suit a variety of needs.


For those who follow normal driving standards Excel Shock Absorbers are designed to restore your vehicles al natural OE performance. GAS-A-STRUTS deliver a firmer ride with more control for all you drivers out there that like to take it to the limit.


Got a heavy load to carry? Then let KYB take some of the weight. For 4X4 applications, KYB have also made a range of premium shock absorbers made to deliver outstanding resistance to high temperatures and pressures that come as a result of all that heavy-duty driving, load carrying and off roading. That range comes under the fitting name of Skorched.


So if you like Japanese attention to detail, then get your KYB strut on!


Want some more opinions of KYB and Monroe Shock Absorbers, jump onto our website and hit up our parts specialists on chat.

As the games in Rio continue on, it’s game on for two ranges within Bilstein’s Shock Absorbers. Welcome to the arena Bilstein B6 Sports Shocks and Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty Shocks. Hey, guess what? The power lays in your hands, you get to decide who wins! It all depends on what you’re after when it comes to deciding between Sports Shocks and Heavy Duty Shocks.


But let’s back track a bit, it’s always good to have a bit of back story.


Bilstein have led the way in shock absorber and suspension technology for over 50 years and provide millions of shock absorbers every year for every kind of driver across the globe. They are adjustable which is probably their single biggest selling point.


Choosing who’s going to win is particularly important, given you are putting in that extra investment for the best performance. Bilstein Shocks may be a little on the pricey side but it’s worth it for world-renowned performance that comes in miles ahead.


Alrighty, so both of these bad boys (both the sports and heavy duty ranges) are premium manufactured and tested in Germany in some of the world’s best high-performance vehicles. “What does that mean?” I hear you asking: It means you get the effects of increased performance and stability wherever or whatever you may be driving.




Competitor Number One : Bilstein B6 Sport Shocks

  • The perfect entry into the world of high-performance shock absorbers. Suitable for track day use and aggressive street driving. Vroom, vroom!
  • Monotube design which enhances performance and safety on both the track and the road.
  • Maintains standard spring height and can be used with your vehicle’s OE (original equipment) springs while still improving performance.
  • Tested for use in both extreme track conditions and day-to-day driving.




Competitor Number Two : Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty Shocks

  • Ideal choice for most vehicles, including sedans, SUVs and trucks
  • Again, monotube design which enhances performance and safety without sacrificing ride comfort.
  • Offer super damping ability, making them ideal for drivers who demand superior performance, while still maintaining that exceptional street ride experience.


Who’s your winner? Do you need something for aggressive street driving or are you more of a heavy duty kinda individual? I guess we’ll never know, unless of course you get on the site and buy some 😛

Trying to figure out what filter you’re going to use on your latest Instagram photo can be challenging enough let alone figuring out which brand of filter is going to be the best option for you and your car.


SO let’s give you the low down on the pros and cons of K&N air filters to keep you in the know when it comes to replacing your filters.


K&N Air Filters Pros

Washable and Reusable

Without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions to using a K&N filter is that they’re washable. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter back in 1969 and have continued to work tirelessly on developing the technology that sets them apart from other brands. Lasting 50,000 miles (that’s 80467.2 km!) between servicing; giving your filter a wash and oiling will prepare it for another 50,000 miles. (Also, a massive plus if you’re conscious about how much crap you’re putting in landfills!)


Lasting Power

Some things are good when they’re “short n’ sweet” like speeches and ad segments during your favourite T.V. show. Other things, like how long parts last in your car, are not. K&N’s air filters are developed to last the distance. Their million-mile warranty is a surefire sign that they stand behind their products, allowing completely stress-free driving for anyone who invests in the K&N philosophy; that filters should last the life of a vehicle. Now that’s some lasting power!


Air Flow

As you’d imagine, the better the air filter the greater the air flow. Since K&N offer quality, you can expect insane flow. Increased flow allows the engine to perform the way it’s meant to. With enough air, an engine can display its true potential. This is something that a paper filter won’t provide an engine with. In short, K&N filters can help prolong the life of an engine by feeding it the air it needs.





K&N Air Filters


Fuel Economy

When I hear the word economy, I usually switch off and wait for the drone of  “in the red” to end, but this is economy to get excited about! The result of improved air flow is increased fuel economy. With more air and ideal engine output, it won’t surprise you that your engine is going to deal with fuel that little bit better. For those of us keeping an eye on our spending, enriched efficiency in burning fuel is the holy grail. A K&N air filter can provide those extra couples of miles per gallon. Ideal.


Power Hungry

K&N air filters will boost your car’s overall horsepower by 1-4% in total. It might not sound like much, but how else can you boost your power without forking out a small fortune?



Ease of Fitment

The great thing about a lifelong aftermarket filter is it’s pretty damn easy to put in place. K&N make their air filters ready-to-use and are made in a way that means they fit inch-perfect in the place of the original air filter. You can check out the installation instruction here on K&N’s website.


A Wallet’s Best Friend (In The Long Run)

Although K&N filters are more expensive than sticking with paper filters short term, the reality is, you’re saving money in the long run. A paper filter might seem more cost-effective, but with a paper filter, it’s never just the one. Expect to buy a series of paper replacements, and expect to see the overall cost pile up. Buying K&N means your wallet will thank you in the end, oh yeah and who doesn’t like a little extra spending money?


K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters Cons

Cost (Short-Term)

Okay, per item a K&N air filter is pricier than its paper competitor. Looking at the price point of a K&N filter can be daunting when you see other air filters four times cheaper. So on that basis, those who doubt the values of a K&N filter have a point. If your current car is on its last legs (or wheels, rather), then a one-off paper filter would be more cost-effective however if your car isn’t heading to the scrap yard then a K&N filter is a worthwhile cost-saving option long term.



The main downside? Cleaning a K&N air filter is a pain in the backside. A great selling point for K&N is that their filters’ are washable, but who wants to do that? Washing, drying, re-fitting. Boring, right? Agreed. However, we have a pretty stress-free 3 step guide to keep your boring time to a minimum! Either that or get a younger relative to do it for you for ice cream…just kidding…kinda.


Made up your mind about K&N filter? Head over to our website to pick one up! Click here!


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