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The Aspark Owl May Well be the Fastest Electric Car Ever Made

By Brad Nash

Fri Sep 15 2017

Japan’s Aspark blew minds at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, unveiling what may be the fastest all-electric car ever made. Interestingly, it’s called the Owl and by jove, we have to say it does look a little bit like an owl.

Aspark Owl 1


The Owl has reportedly been in development since 2014, the bulk of the time we’re sure going towards the insanely low carbon-fibre aerodynamics and all-electric drivetrain. Aspark don’t specify who have produced the drivetrain, but they estimate that it’s capable of a power output around the 1000hp mark.

All of this makes the car a true, true sprinter. How fast? Aspark say that it may be capable of hitting 100km/h in less than 2 seconds. If this is true, the Owl might not be just the fastest electric-car ever, it might even be the fastest-accelerating production car ever made.

Aspark Owl 2


This is by no means designed to be a usable every day electric car though. While the Tesla model S has managed to combine everyday practicality with a 0-100 time around the 2 second mark, the Aspark Owl, with its insane drivetrain and power consumption, is believed by most to have an effective electric range of less than 100 miles. This number will probably drop even further if it’s driven anywhere close to how it’s intended.

Nonetheless, it’s fair to say the Aspark is a pretty insane feat of engineering. Encouragingly, it appears as if the Aspark may see the light of day and go into full production as well. Plans are expected to be announced in the coming months.

Aspark Owl 3


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