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Best EOFY Mods for Your Trade Vehicle

By Brad Nash

Fri Jun 23 2017

Whether you’re a Small Business Owner or Tradie, we get it: you love your trusty ute. We also know that this is the best time of year to splash out on kitting out your trade vehicle as much as possible, because parts are cheap and you can claim it back as a business expense. Plus, let’s face it, pimping out your ute to set it apart from the rest is a hell of a lot of fun. But just what can you do with your money? Here are some of the most popular choices to help your ute tackle the worksite, the open road and, should you be inclined, the off-road trail.


1. 4×4 Lift Kits

Lift kits aren’t just for annoying 4wD enthusiasts in their dangerously raised SUVs – they can also come in dead handy for anyone looking to help their vehicle handle the vigours of a heavy duty day-to-day life. Incorporating better performing shocks and tougher springs into your setup, (plus, of course, an increased ride height), a good lift kit can not only help your ute head off-road more effectively, but also help it handle heavier loads.


2. Diesel Filter Kits

While definitely not the most exciting thing you can put on your ute, diesel pre-filter kits have undoubtedly saved countless engines from the effects of water and poor-quality diesel fuel. Any incursion of water or contaminants into a diesel engine can be potentially catastrophic, making one of these kits vital for protecting your engine if you regularly go into more rural areas where the quality of fuel may not be as high.


3. 4×4 Snorkels

If your work vehicle also doubles as a plaything when the weekend rolls around, a 4×4 snorkel is vital for making sure you’re able to tackle all terrain without fear of flooding your engine. They fit just about every popular 4×4, and make for a much healthier engine not only when you’re passing through water, but also when you’re traversing long, dusty roads that kick a lot of grit into your engine.


4. Exhaust Systems

If you can avoid the urge to splurge on one of these with your tax return, a cheeky exhaust upgrade could potentially be claimed on your tax if you can find a legit way to prove it’s work-related. Aussie brands like XFORCE Exhaust offer a bunch of exhaust systems for popular utes, dual-cabs and 4x4s, which give them a little more grunt (and noise to go with it).


5. 4×4 Lights

Another versatile mod to help you both at the work site and off the beaten track, some aftermarket lighting not only looks awesome on the front of your ute, but can also be a really important safety feature depending on how you use your vehicle. 4×4 lights come in a bunch of different shapes (light bars, spot lights etc.), styles and beams to suit all vehicles and uses, meaning that you can easily find something that’ll fit your budget.


6. UHF Radios

Vital for any worksite and also dead handy when you’re heading off road, UHF Radios can be a super versatile addition to the 4×4 of anyone looking to head off-road or into rural areas. UHF radios can either be installed on your dash or bought in the form of a handheld radio, and they’re incredibly useful as an investment to simply have in your glove compartment.