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BMC Filters: What Makes Them Good Enough For Bathurst 12 Hour Race Teams

By Mitch Babbs

Wed Jan 22 2020

BMC Filters have been around in one form or another since 1973, and producing premium filters for 24 years. Originally created alongside the team at Ferrari F1, their filters have been a part of an astonishing number of motorsports championships across the world—10x V8 Supercars Championships, 9x Bathurst 1000 wins, 11x American Le Mans Series titles, 14x Le Mans 24-Hour titles, 3x World Rally Championship titles and 14x Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Championship titles.

Clearly, the resume speaks for itself. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy and with branches in Germany, China & India, BMC also has 94 distributors globally. So, what is it exactly that has allowed BMC Filters to proliferate so completely through the racing world and allowed them to become synonymous with the best available for everyday drivers?

It all started with an investment in technology. In 2010, after 14 years of pioneering the leading edge of filter quality, BMC created its brand new Composite Department to explore any innovations possible within the construction of their filters. 

Their filters are constructed from a unique metallic mesh that contains an oil-treated four-ply cotton filtration material, capable of filtering impurities as fine as 7 microns thick, a significant improvement over the typical efficacy of paper filters (10 microns at best).

The special cotton gauze, having been soaked in low viscosity oil inside an epoxy-coated double alloy mesh, is more than capable of catching dirt particles and petrol particulates. That oil makes the mesh extra sticky, to the point that it can protect from oxidisation resulting from humidity.

And in spite of the amount of impurities that the innovative cotton filter is capable of catching, there’s no reduction to the level of airflow through the filter. In fact, they force more air through the filter when compared to a paper filter with less chance of breaking down. They’re able to do this because of the unique single-piece construction, moulded with no joints in the corners that could potentially break or degrade.

The convergence of these many factors results in a filter that promotes performance and filters impurities at a level that others simply can’t, making it perfect for motorsports applications. But the biggest thing for the everyday driver has to be the fact that the filters are reusable—rather than requiring a full replacement, you can simply remove, wash, and reinstall the same BMC Filter over and over. In fact, if you need a guide on how to do so, we’ve written just the thing for you here.

Because of its unique construction, a BMC filter is expected to last as long as the lifetime of your average vehicle, saving you money in the long run. And with the wide range of filters available (over 9000!), they’re more likely than not to have a filter for your vehicle.

It’s for these reasons that BMC Filters feature heavily in the upcoming Bathurst 12 Hour race, just as they’ve been such an integral part in so many championships, race wins, and titles over their many years at the forefront of motorsports. To grab a BMC Filter for your vehicle, head over here and use our handy fitment tool.

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