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BMW 530d Highway Patrol Cars Join Victoria Police

By Liam Ridings

Wed Sep 20 2017

With the demise of the Australian-made Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, Highway Patrol Units have been forced to look abroad for similarly powered replacement vehicles. After months of speculation and hearsay, Victoria Police have unveiled their replacement rides- a fleet of 80 BMW 5 Series sedans.

Usurpingly, CEO of BMW Group Australia, Marc Werner heaped praise on the replacement Highway Patrol vehicles.

“Lauded by media and customers alike for its combination of performance, safety and efficiency, the new BMW 5 Series range is a natural fit for police duty.”

The 5-series in question is the 190kW/560Nm diesel powered 530d- good for 0-100km/h in a shade over 6 seconds- roughly a second slower than the outgoing petrol-powered Holden Commodore SS, but significantly more fuel efficient.

While the 530d Highway Patrol cars will be based on the $120k luxury sedan, the police variant will forgo many creature comforts in favour of a ‘police pack’ that will make the interior and exterior more suited to police work.

“To ensure maximum cost effectiveness, the turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel-powered BMW 530d was selected. It will be presented to Victoria Police in an entry-level specification, eschewing some of the higher-end luxuries found on the regular production model in favour of a factory-fitted ‘police pack’ which prepares the vehicle for heavy-duty operations.”