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The Who’s Who of Braking Companies

By Brad Nash

Thu Jul 09 2015

Brake pads: small, surprisingly heavy pieces of rough material that rub against your brake disc rotors, making everything very hot and in the middle of all of that, your car comes to a stop. At a first glance, it very nearly seems that simple. Then, you start to look into them because you need to know what ones will be right for you, and all of a sudden your brain starts to hurt a little bit.

Don’t stress though, because Sparesbox are here to cut through all the complexity, and give you the tools you need to choose exactly the right brake pads for you. First up, we take a look at the brands you should be considering when you make your choice.

For things that perform such a simple purpose, brakes are surprisingly complex and just like any other consumer product in that you need to choose what best suits your needs. This means that there is a huge range of manufacturers to choose from, all specialising in braking products for different uses and workloads.


Image: Bendix


Bendix Brakes

For instance, Bendix are the home-grown people’s champion when it comes to braking. They make brake pads to cover almost every conceivable use, vehicle and driving style. An Australian institution, Bendix saw the gap in the market for Australians who wanted simple, no-nonsense braking solutions for all manner of drivers, while incorporating the best technology they can develop.

Their range extends from general, everyday brake pads for the daily driver looking for value and life, all the way through commercial and heavy-duty use, to track-bred, high friction pads for use in sport and racing. Their great quality and technological innovation means they’re also the trusted Original Equipment Manufacturer for many of Australia’s best selling car brands. If you’ve bought a new Holden, Ford or Toyota, chances are it came with a set of Bendix Brake Pads fitted inside.


Image: Ferodo


Ferodo Brake Pads

Some braking companies have a strong heritage and a reputation for excellence that have made them household names, associated with the cream of motorsport. Brands like Ferodo use their rich history and advanced production to fashion high-performance pads for the European market (as well as many other everyday vehicles), delivering superior stopping power every time.

Now over 100 years old, Ferodo have gone from strength to strength over the last century, honing their craft into producing some of the world’s most renowned braking systems for both everyday drivers and performance enthusiasts. Their signature brake pad is the DS range, which has been the chosen tool for increasing the stopping performance of motoring enthusiasts worldwide for decades.


Image: Project Mu


Project Mu Brake Pads

Of course, the Japanese have to have their say as well, and brands like Project Mu are making high-end sports pads to cater for those who want pure performance. Bred out of the growing popularity of street and track-based motorsport in 1980’s Japan, Project Mu is now seen as one of the world’s premium suppliers of performance brake pads, providing the best stopping power for enthusiasts and motorsport teams alike. Many V8 Supercars teams choose Project Mu pads for their stopping solution.

You pay a premium for it, but if you want unrivalled responsiveness and stopping power on both the road and the track, you should be looking at someone like Project Mu.

For more detailed information on the ranges these brands provide or whether a European Brake pad is right for your vehicle, check out the other parts of our brake pad series.