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The Brands Behind Spares Box: MANN Filter

By Brad Nash

Wed Sep 09 2015

We love talking to the people behind the brands that sum up the culture behind Spares Box the most. They stand for quality, performance, reliability and value, and no brand personifies this quite like MANN Filter. For 70 years, MANN have made themselves known as the go-to brand for OE-Spec Filters, providing quality filtration products for some of the world’s most respected car manufacturers.

We got to talk to Ken from MANN, and discussed everything from their heritage to their plans for the future.



Could you tell us about the MANN brand and it’s heritage?

The MANN HUMMEL Co goes back about 70 years. The two company founders diversified their textile business toward filter manufacture in early 1940’s commencing with oil and air filters. Due to the war effort in North Africa and the Mediterranean, the harsh weather conditions of temperature extremes and dusty environment created a challenge for engine service life. This strong demand for repeatable consistent quality resulted in innovation and many patent applications.


How different is the product range in 2015 from when MANN first started?

From humble beginnings, MANN+HUMMEL became a world leader in designing and manufacturing complete air, oil and fuel filtration systems for passenger cars, truck, bus and industrial applications. These systems include complete air filter systems, injection moulded intake air ducts, air box including filter and engine intake manifolds from the dirty air side, right thru to the engine cylinder head manifold face.

Our oil filtration expertise includes complete oil filter modules that are supplied to the vehicle builders. M+H have been partners with virtually every global vehicle manufacture for many years now. MANN FILTER is our aftermarket brand. All of the filters available in our green and yellow MANN FILTER packaging are manufactured to the same production process, level of quality and component specification.

MANN FILTER offers identical performance and engine protection to the OE part. MANN FILTER has the largest range of air, oil, fuel and cabin air filters in genuine matching quality second to none.



MANN Filter have built a name for themselves as the OEM for many premium German brands, but you make filters for a huge range of cars. How do you translate the manufacture of filters for say a BMW to making filters for more common cars?

Regardless of the end application marquee, filtration systems are designed in partnership with the OEM. The performance characteristics are first established with the OEM. One of the major benefits the consumer gets when buying filters made by our company is the incredible attention to detail, including environmental considerations that are demanded by the OEM supply agreements and relationship criteria.


What makes MANN the superior choice when it comes to filters?

MANN FILTER aftermarket products are manufactured to equal quality and performance as the products supplied by the company to vehicle and engine manufacturers. Our MANN FILTER on line catalogue is unique in that it contains the richest product application listing by way of “equal to OEM quality” for the entire Australian carpark, no other Aftermarket competitor can make these claims.

Whilst we are well known amongst European workshops, we also have application coverage for the majority of the non-Euro vehicles. MANN FILTER supplies OE quality to the independent aftermarket. Inferior filters are not much cheaper. The filters from MANN FILTER reliably protect the engine and thus prevent unwanted and often expensive repairs. They are in fact an investment in customer satisfaction and trust for many years.

MANN FILTER is the market leading Aftermarket filter brand in Europe and is considered to be the benchmark brand!

From right to left, A MANN genuine filter, and two competitor oil filters for the same vehicle. Click the image to go to a great article about how these filters can vary, and how investing in good filters can save you.


What moment in MANN’s history are you most proud of?

MANN FILTER has been nominated as the largest filter company in the world.

There are over 300 OEM companies worldwide that want to deal with us.


MANN seems to keep quite a retro aesthetic when it comes to how they package and present their products. Is there a reason for this?

Whilst the green and yellow MANN FILTER packaging is less known outside of the Euro vehicle workshops in Australia, it is a well-established icon brand in Europe. The market focus has traditionally been to workshops, offering ‘First fit’ specification parts when servicing vehicles.


Are there any new vehicles in particular that you are targeting with your products?

M+H are partners with virtually all Global Vehicle manufacturers hence we have ongoing new applications under way all the time. Our aftermarket range continually emerges from our OEM activities. There are simply too many to mention.



What MANN product developments are you most excited about at the moment?

We have a new product development of cabin air filters called FreciousPlus which prevents bacteria and mould from passing through the cabin air filter into the clean air supply, and subsequently into the passenger compartment.


How does MANN plan on evolving itself as a brand in the future? What’s next in store for MANN filter?

More of the same, ‘Perfect Parts, Perfect Service’.

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