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Brembo and Ferrari – 40 Years of an Iconic Partnership

By Brad Nash

Thu Feb 11 2016

10 years after they began the production of high-end brakes for Italian passenger cars and prestigious motorcycles, in 1975 Brembo‘s Bergamo factory got a call. It may have been a visit, I’m not entirely sure. Nonetheless, the person on the other end of the line was the one and only Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari had one request: make brakes for the world’s finest Formula 1 cars. A deal was agreed, production began, and the rest was history. As Niki Lauda stepped into his car to begin a historic Formula 1 World Championship, an incredible partnership was formed that would last until this very day.


70s and 80s – Two Champions Grow as One

Ferrari Brembo F1
Lauda went on to win the title that year. Image: Forza Rossa

Ferrari won 3 of the next 5 Formula 1 world championships, twice with Lauda at the wheel and once under the guidance of South Africa’s Jody Sheckter. The partnership between Brembo and Ferrari was now set in stone, and Brembo went public on the stock market a few years later.

By this point, Brembo really were a true powerhouse in their field, yet never lost their air of exclusivity and quality. Naturally, this perfectly matched the image of the prancing horse.

Ferrari Testarossa Brembo
Image: Imgur

Over the course of the next decade, the endless quality provided by Brembo led to Ferrari (among a bunch of other high-performance of manufacturers) commissioning them for production of brakes for their passenger cars.

This period spawned some of the most famous Ferraris ever made, including the F40, the Berlinetta, and of course one of the archetypal 80s supercars, the Testarossa.


90s and 00s – The Golden Days

Ferrari F50 Enzo Brembo
Image: Czech Exotics

The 90s saw Ferrari’s popularity grow ever more, and with Brembo supplying the bulk of their products, a number of cars rolled off the production line in that memorable Rosso Corsa paint job.

The F50 set records by being the fastest production car in the world at the time of it’s release, while cars like the F355 became the frame work for the massively successful 360 and 458 Italia models that succeeded it.

However, one thing had been missing from the Ferrari trophy room for the last couple of decades: a Formula 1 world championship. This was about to change though, largely due to one plucky German.

Ferrari Brembo F1
Image: Imgur

With Brembo friction and Bridgestone rubber proving to be a winning combination at the wheels, Michael Schumacher completely dominated the world of Formula 1 throughout the early 2000s. With Schumi at the helm, Scuderia Ferrari won 5 straight world championships, a record that still holds to this day.

At the same time however, Brembo were bringing F1 technology to the road in a bigger way than ever.


2000s to Now – Partners in Revolution

Ferrari Enzo LaFerrari
Image: Imgur

Throughout the new millenium, the technology of carbon ceramic (CCM) brake discs started becoming popular for use in the world’s finest performance cars. After extensive development from the early carbon discs that had originally been used in motorsport, the first Ferrari Enzo emerged from their Maranello factory with Brembo CCM discs lying behind its 19 inch wheels.

Just 400 Enzos were made, and at the time they were the fastest, most expensive and most exclusive Ferrari production vehicles ever made. Along with the racing-spec FXX that was derived from the Enzo, every one of them boasted a set of Brembos for their stopping power.

Ferrari California Brembo
Image: Motortrend

Since then, Ferrari and Brembo have worked together in producing not only some of the most revolutionary cars ever made (including of course, the LaFerrari), but also some of the most revolutionary braking systems ever made.

Brembo’s carbon ceramic systems and brake pads have been featured in vehicles like the FF and the 488 Italia, with their grand touring brakes also popular for use in vehicles like the California and the 612 Scaglietti.

With new technology filtering down from the harshest racing arenas in which Ferrari competes, every new Ferrari that rolls off the production line comes with the latest and greatest in braking technology, and they don’t show any signs of stopping soon.


Wait. Maybe they do, if you catch my drift.


Featured image: WallpapersXL