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The History of Brembo

By Peter Mackinnon

Mon Feb 15 2016

Brembo are known throughout Australia and the world-over as a standout producer of quality braking systems. The Italian brand has grown from beginnings in a small mechanical workshop to having production facilities in 16 nations on three different continents. Undoubtedly, throughout the last half-century Brembo have established their name as one that represents quality above all else. As we at Spares Box are proud to announce our collaboration with the brake giants, let’s look at how they’ve combined stopping power with staying power.


Beginnings and Alfa Romeo

Established in Bergamo in 1961, Brembo might come from humble beginnings, but it didn’t take long before they were making moves in the automotive world. In 1964, brake-making would change for good, with the Italian manufacturers never looking back. The year brought the brand’s first brake discs for the aftermarket, and in no time at all the brand could count Alfa Romeo amongst its clients. This really paved the way for Brembo to win its place as Europe’s premium provider of brake discs.

Brembo Alfa Brake Pads



1972 saw Brembo get creative, making a splash in the motorcycle industry. The brand would develop an association with one of Europe’s most respected manufacturers, Moto Guzzi, that lasts to this day. This move established the brake producers as a brand that will turn left where others turn right, opening themselves up to a market that many competitors wouldn’t dare go near. Having got a foothold in the motorcycle market, Brembo are to this day the preferred braking choice for Honda, Ducati and Suzuki, and many others.

brembo motorcycle brake pads


Ferrari Approach: Brembo’s Racing Clout

Their innovative ways were enough to catch the eye of Enzo Ferrari, who approached the guys at Brembo in 1975. Ferrari would request the expertise that set Brembo apart from their peers, requesting they kit-out his iconic Formula 1 racing cars. The brand’s obsession with quality and innovation had brought them to the peak of the motorsport world only a few years after being based in a small, single workshop.

Their relationship with Ferrari is most certainly the greatest emblem of Brembo’s meteoric rise, and who wouldn’t be proud of that? But doesn’t mean they haven’t moved on, of course. As providers of high-quality braking systems to masses of racing teams over the years, Brembo can lay claim to full cabinets of trophies from every tier of motorsport – covering both automobiles and motorcycles.

brembo ferrari brake pads



By the 1980s Brembo were an established name in motorsport, allowing them to turn their focus to developing new products. The advent of their aluminium brake caliper brought a host of clients who were seeking improved performance, and a move into production of industrial disc brake segments attracted several big players. BMW, Lancia, Nissan, Chrysler and Porsche, and well as Iveco, Renault Industrial Vehicles and Mercedes all came calling. Undoubtedly, Brembo had cemented its reputation as the name-brand to put your faith in.

brembo brake pads


The New Millenium

Not one to hide from the limelight, Brembo are still making the headlines in the 21st century. Seen above adding the finishing touch to the new Aston Martin Vanquish GT3, the brand are standard fare for many supercars, including models from Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani. With a heap of advancements behind them that keep the big guns coming back, it’s fair to say Brembo are going to stick around.


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