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7 Insane Facts about the Brand New Bugatti Chiron

By Brad Nash

Tue Mar 01 2016

The Automotive world has a new king. All rise and give praise to the new overlord, the fastest, most powerful and most luxurious production car the world has ever known. Enter the Bugatti Chiron, in all it’s majesty.


First of All, Look at It!

Bugatti Chiron


Gorgeous, isn’t she? Well and truly looking like a Veyron on steroids, the Chiron has taken a number of design cues from the legendary Type57C; most notably that curvaceous “C” curve and the central spine that runs up the centre of the car. Despite the arguably more sporty look, it’s actually bigger AND wider than the Veyron.

Paint is available in both two tone and single tone, with 6 layers of clear coat applied to an entirely carbon fibre body to create a stunning finish.


It Makes 1,480 Horsepower. No, we didn’t add an extra digit in there!

Bugatti Chiron


While the concept of the W16 engine may sound familiar to those who were fans of the Veyron, I can assure you that this is a whole new monster.

The 8.0L engine was specially developed from the ground up, and added in are FOUR separate turbos (that are 30% larger than the Veyron), two of which turn on after 3800rpm to create the most linear power curve possible.

What you get in the end is 1,480 metric horsepower, with 1,180lb ft of torque at your disposal.


Its Cooling System is Gargantuan

Bugatti Chiron


Keeping an engine of that size cool isn’t easy. When it’s making almost 1,500hp, an 8.0L engine needs a LOT of air, and a LOT of water, something that’s left up to the gigantic air vents and 10 (yes, 10) individual radiators that form the cooling system. Put it this way, whereas most cars have 1 radiator, the Chiron has one just for it’s rear differential oil.

At speed, the charge air cooling system sucks in 60,000L of air every minute, while in the same amount of time the water pump circulates 800 litres of water and coolant (across two separate cooling loops) throughout the engine.


It May Very Well Do 450km/h

Bugatti Chiron


Strictly, the top speed of the Chiron has been LIMITED to 262mph (420km/h), but only when it’s put into Top Speed mode through the use of a second ignition key. For general use (you know, the school run and all that), it can also be put into a handling mode which brings that number down further to a modest 236mph (380km/h).

However, with the restrictor taken off, some believe that it’s very capable of reaching a top speed of somewhere between 285 and 287mph (458-461km/h).

Oh, and 0-62 times? Bugatti claim that it’ll be less than 2.5 seconds. We don’t need to tell you that this IS the fastest production car in the world.


It Still Handles Incredibly

Bugatti Chiron


This is not a car that’s afraid of corners. Sitting on a set of specially developed Michelins, it has full-time 4 wheel drive and massive Carbon Ceramic brakes (that have 8 titanium pistons at the front and 6 at the rear).

Perhaps most importantly, it boasts adaptive chassis suspension that operates 5 different modes to suit the driving conditions. This has the dual benefit of not only optimising your handling, but also the downforce it makes at high speed. It even has one mode dedicated just to getting over speed bumps. Some people just think of everything.

The rear wing also comes into play, capable of rising and lowering throughout 4 different modes to suit the car’s use. To assist in braking, the wing will also raise to act as an air brake when slowing down from a high speed.

All of this sits on a carbon monocoque chassis that boasts 50,000Nm per degree of torsional rigidity. Put simply, it’s about as stiff as a Le Mans LMP1 car.


Despite all of This, the Luxury is Staggering

Bugatti Chiron


So, let’s say you invest in the base model Chiron (what kind of peasant would do that, right?), what do you stand to get for your €2.4 million? Well, on-board wi-fi, a bunch of gadgets and digital displays for a start. You know, because nowhere says “Netflix and chill” quite like the front seat of a Bugatti.

All of the trimmings and interior materials are custom made to the client’s wishes, with Bugatti claiming that a tailor-made experience is the rule at the factory, rather than the exception.

The Chiron is actually more spacious and comfortable than its predecessor too.  Being bigger, it has more headroom AND more legroom. The radiator has also moved forward, meaning you now have a boot capable of fitting your 40L suitcase, presumably made from the leather of an exotic animal by a fashion house we’ve never even heard of, let alone are able to afford.


It Costs $3.64 Million

Bugatti Chiron


Bugatti have said that they’re going to be producing 500 Chirons, each of which are priced at €2.4 million, and that’s it. Hilariously, Bugatti felt it necessary to stress that that’s the price BEFORE optional extras.

Whether or not they’ll adjust that number for special editions, super sports and the like remains to be seen, but they claim that almost a third of them have already been ordered in advance.

Might want to get your name down now then.