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Bugatti Chiron used to film Bugatti Chiron

By Liam Ridings

Thu Sep 21 2017

How do you film a Bugatti Chiron sprinting to 400km/h? With a second Bugatti Chiron, of course.

The internet looked on in awe last week as the Bugatti Chiron sprinted to 400km/h in a mere 32.6 seconds. Of course, Once the dust settled and we managed to pick our jaws up from the ground, the obvious question had to be asked, “How the hell did they film that?”.

Initially, we suspected that the run which surfaced on the internet was sped up and not the record breaking run, but Bugatti quickly put these rumours to rest. Then, for a fleeting moment, we thought that perhaps a drone was used, but common sense quickly got the better of us when we contemplated what a 400km/h drone would look like.

As it turns out, Bugatti employed a second Chiron to capture the ground level angle, accelerating the two cars side-by-side to 400km/h at Volkswagens restricted test track, Ehra-Lessien.

Usurpingly, Bugatti had to develop a one-of-a-kind camera system to ensure that the filming gear wouldn’t fall off the camera car as it passed 400km/h.

Bugatti will attack its own speed record of 267.8 mph next year, we suspect the camera gear will need to be revised before then.