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The Future of Cheap Electric Cars Is Here With BYD Coming to Australia

By Shane O’Sullivan

Mon Oct 25 2021

Many consider electric cars to be the future. With the ability to save money while helping to protect against the increasing effects of climate change, it is a decision many motorists will need to consider in the coming years. An increasing number of manufacturers and brands are getting behind the system. That is only going to get higher in time. 

As it stands, brands from all over the world are making the change. Some of the brands planning to go entirely electric by 2030 include Jaguar (by 2025), Bentley, Lotus, Cadillac, Mini & Volvo. Even more of those brands, including some mentioned, have already started creating lines of electric cars available for purchase. Some brands offering these vehicles here in Australia include Mazda, Audi, Hyundai, Land Rover, Toyoda, Volvo, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. 

One of the primary concerns people have when considering an electric car is the cost. Sadly, cars are generally expensive regardless of where you purchase them from or what make and model they are. That is where Build Your Dreams (BYD) enters. Earlier this year, they expressed interest in bringing cheap electric cars to the Australian market and we now know they’ll be doing just that. 

BYD is set to open a showroom in Sydney, NSW in late 2021. This is part of a deal with Nexport Mobility, a local importer. The first vehicle the company plans to sell to the Australian market is the BYD Yuan Plus - combining a 150kW/310Nm electric motor and a fantastic battery pack that provides the vehicle more than 400 kilometres of range. This particular vehicle is likely to go on sale for less than $40,000 drive-away, making it the most affordable electric car in Australia. This surpasses the ZS EV by MG and the Hyundai Kona, which were considered to be on the cheaper side of the coin.

This particular vehicle will go on sale this year ahead of the arrival in 2022. Given the track record BYD has with their vehicles, it isn’t likely to be their last. If you are in the Sydney area, the showroom is likely to be open to those who are vaccinated and looking to see what the future holds.

As David McCowen notes over on News Australia, BYD initially had plans to introduce an even cheaper vehicle this year with the EA1 Dolphin Hatchback. That did not come to fruition, though. However, that vehicle is available overseas and has a premium variant that contains 70kW of power with 300 kilometres of range.

Nexport chief executive Luke Todd is quoted as saying BYD “will be the tipping point where electric vehicles will become mainstream with a better price and better quality of car”. With a multitude of vehicles in development and an industry aimed at moving towards a more pro-electric future, the competition between these companies will likely reward consumers with cheaper cars with more sustainable features.

It is worth noting that BYD vehicles have already been sold in Australia, though in small numbers. For example, their imported E6 Wagon has a 70kW/180Nm electric motor with a 71.7kWh battery, offering 520 kilometres of range. That came for $43,000 drive-away. Cheaper than that, their T3 van was less than $38,000. Powered by a 100kW motor, it had 300 kilometres of range and 700 kilogram cargo capacity.

With petrol prices reaching new heights this year, it might soon be the better option to purchase an electric car and save yourself money in the long run. At the time of writing, most petrol prices around Australia sit around $1.80 per litre.

Despite the nature of the pandemic, businesses will continue to grow and as they continue to move into the future, so too shall consumers. With multiple governments around the world looking to increase the number of electric cars on the road, Australia needs to catch up and with companies like BYD trying to make these products more affordable, the vision is likely to be achieved!