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Keep your Kids Healthy this Spring with Cabin Filters

By Brad Nash

Fri Sep 18 2015

The boot’s packed, the kids are excited, you’ve booked your time off, time for the school holidays to begin. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and Spring is finally back in the air. Enjoy it while you can still walk in the sun without it being so hot that you audibly start to crackle after 5 minutes.

With this however, comes a slight risk. Spring, as many hay fever and asthma sufferers will tell you (including myself), means that Pollen is in the air. Keeping this out of your car is vital, as driving at high speed along dusty highways and roads can significantly increase the amount of harmful contaminants getting into your car. This is true enough throughout any time of the year, but during spring when the pollen content is at it’s highest, this can be especially harmful. Not to worry though, because there is a solution.

RYCO Cabin Filters


Enter the humble Cabin Filter. Unknown by many everyday drivers, this little box of wonder is vital in keeping all of the dust, dirt, grit, pollen and fumes out of your cabin while you’re driving. You’d be incredibly surprised at the number of pollutants that can be thrown up from the road that are truly terrible for not only your kids’ lungs, but also yourself and the rest of your passengers.

Investing in a proper Cabin Air Filter is going to ensure not only a steady flow of air into your cabin, but one that’s free of all the contaminants that can make your standard car trip a nightmare for any asthmatics and hay fever sufferers that might be taking a trip with you. Invest in at least an OE-quality cabin air filter for your vehicle (such as those made by MANN, Aeroflow or Ryco), and many a set of lungs will thank you in the long run.


Carbon Cabin Filters vs. Regular Cabin Filters?

There’s a big trend amongst premium cabin air filter manufacturers to start implementing carbon in the make up of their filters. This generally takes the form of simple charcoal that’s weaved into the filtration element, often giving it a darker look than the standard automotive filter many people are used to seeing.

The reason for this is simple: many fumes and gases that come out of cars in front of you can get through standard cabin air filters and be potentially harmful to humans when breathed in regularly over long periods of time. The activated carbon in these new filters actively neutralises these gases before they enter your cabin, creating an even safer environment for you and your passengers without sacrificing the pollen filtering qualities the filter already had.

As you could imagine, if you can find a Carbon Activated Cabin Air Filter, we recommend you spend the extra few dollars. It’s a truly worthy investment. Look for CUK in the part numbers of MANN cabin filters and the letter C at the end of Ryco cabin air filters to be sure that you’re getting the very best for you and your passengers.