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How Much Does A Car Service Cost?

By Liam Ridings

Thu Mar 08 2018

We dragged Sparesbox Co-Founder and Managing Director Leon Saliba away from the ping pong table, locked him in a room, and tried to get to the bottom of one of the most frequently asked questions in the automotive industry: “How Much Will My Car Service Cost?”

We all know that regular servicing is a vital part of keeping your car healthy and running. And, as always, prevention is better than a cure, especially when it comes to vital drivetrain components.

The good news is the tide is turning. With the help of the ACCC, consumers are being reminded that they do not need to go to the dealer to maintain their new car warranty, instead, they are being empowered to shop around when it comes time to service their car. Increased access to technical information from dealers and manufacturers will dramatically improve transparency and give consumers a better idea of the costs associated with servicing their car.

So, how much will it cost to service your car? Unfortunately, there is no fixed rule for how much each individual service will cost, instead, customers should ask for a quote and price breakdown from the manufacturer of their vehicle and then use this quote to shop around.

Sparesbox Managing Director Leon Saliba breaks down the cost of servicing into tiers: “Typically, if you were to do a basic service, you are looking at something around the $250 mark. For a major service- which is typically every second or third interval- you’re looking upwards of $500 depending on what’s required.”

Saliba concedes that for Japanese and Australian manufactured vehicles, servicing tends to be a little cheaper than their European counterparts: “European cars are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, however at this stage, the costs associated with maintaining them are typically a little higher.

Leon encourages consumers to be inquisitive when it comes to the cost of their car service. Have a rough idea of what each service involves, get the mechanic to show you what has been done, and, most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions.




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