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Castrol: A History of the Brand

By Peter Mackinnon

Wed Mar 02 2016

Castrol are by far the world’s leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium automotive oil. From their beginnings in England in 1989, the brand now operates on a global scale, with bases in over 40 countries. Castrol are renowned for providing not just oil, but liquid engineering, and Spares Box are proud to declare that we now offer the Australian public access to the results of Castrol’s research and development. With that in mind, let’s take a cruise down memory lane and learn how Castrol got its name.

Castrol was founded in 1899 by Charles Wakefield under the name ‘CC Wakefield & Company’. Originally offering lubricants for trains and heavy machinery, Wakefield was a man who kept his finger on the pulse, seeing the rise of the automobile as his road to success. The company would place great importance on engineering oils that were fluid enough to work at the cold temperatures of start-up, yet thick enough to function at high operating temperatures. The result of their research was to add castor oil to their formula, making the ‘Castrol’ name an easy choice.

Where Castrol have created a legacy is in separating themselves from their competition. After all, there is no doubt they have a special reputation amongst motorists across the globe, and especially so with motorsport fans. The reason for this is not just their dedication to creating premium automotive oil; it is that, for many us, we have grown up with the brand. Its proud name has been emblazoned across some of the most impressive machines of our time.

Castrol Tom's Supra 2
The Toyota Supra GT in Castrol livery.


Sponsorship has played a great part in Castrol’s heritage, and CC Wakefield is the father of it. Since the early 1920s, the Castrol logo appeared on banners and flags at both motorsport races and aviation events. In fact, Castrol was present at several attempts to break the land speed record in the early 20th century. Since then, the brand has become a regular fixture in motorsport livery, so much so that it’s probably impossible for any of us to imagine some models without thinking of Castrol. The Toyota Supra GT, for example, wouldn’t be what it is without Castrol TOM’s sponsorship all over it.

Now a global company employing several thousand staff, Castrol are showing no sign of slowing down. Their constant pursuit of the highest quality product has kept them at the top of the tree for decades, and their legacy amongst motorsport fans is as strong as ever. It is for these reasons that Spares Box is excited to offer you Castrol’s full range of automotive oil.


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