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6 Of The Funniest Classic Car Ads

By Mitch Babbs

Mon Dec 09 2019

Car ads generally come in two flavours: the feature-focussed 15 to 30 second TV spot highlighting a vehicle's winning qualities, dealership financing options etc, or the creative piece of promo material designed to stick in your mind long after the ad has ended.

We're looking at this second group today, pulling some classic car ads from over the years for your viewing pleasure.

This classic ad features a pair of amorous bulls hijacking a Hilux to go on a joyride to meet up with some females of the species. Toyota has a long history of pushing the envelope when it comes to their marketing campaigns, and this ad typifies that approach.

Another Hilux ad that etched itself onto popular consciousness was this iconic 'Bugger' ad campaign. The concept running throughout is one that focussed on the unbridled power of the Hilux, and the troubles it can potentially cause. All tongue in cheek, until a cow is seemingly ripped in half just off-screen. Ads just aren't what they used to be.

One from more recent memory sees Ford showing off their early SYNC voice-control system with an ingenious appearance from the voice himself, John Farnham.

In the era before complete internet saturation, this Falcon ad was about as close as you could get to the ubiquitous primacy of memes. It spawned the instantly memorable 'must be stuck in third' line that ended up being uttered every time you overtook someone, and for that alone it makes this list.

Here's one you may not have seen, however it's well worth the watch. One of Ford's more risque marketing campaigns, this ad was (somewhat unsurprisingly) pulled from Australian airwaves.

And finally, here's an ad that didn't air in Australia but that show a bit of conscience. Fellas, make sure to have someone check under the bonnet occasionally. Matter of fact, that goes for you ladies out there as well.