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Deadmau5’s ‘Purracan’ has Just Come Up for Sale

By Brad Nash

Wed Sep 27 2017

Canadian House DJ and noted car enthusiast Joel Zimmermann, AKA Deadmau5, has frequently set word alight in automotive circles over the years, mainly for his habit of using multiple-hundred thousand dollar supercars as tools for either promoting memes or flat out trolling people.

At no time was this more prevalent than when Zimmermann first took delivery of a Ferrari 458 Italia back in 2014. The electric blue Fezza was fitted with new badges and a wrap depicting the ‘Nyan Cat’, which most of you may remember went extremely viral around that time.

Deadmau5 Purracan 1


Dubbed the ‘Purrari’, the 458 was also fitted with custom badges and floor mats depicting a car instead of Ferrari’s famous prancing horse. It was this one action that caught the ire of Ferrari USA, who promptly sent Deadmau5 a cease and desist letter ordering him to get the badges removed.

To get back at Ferrari, Zimmermann, in what may be the most luxurious and expensive act of sheer trolling ever, immediately went out and purchased a Lamborghini Huracan. Said Huracan, a 2015 LP610 to be exact, was then treated to an extensive bout of visual modifications designed to piss off not just Ferrari, but we’re sure a bunch of Lamborghini enthusiasts too.

Deadmau5 Purracan 2


The final creation was named the ‘Nyanborghini Purracan’ by Zimmermann, and was once again fitted out with a full “Nyan Cat” wrap, custom ‘Nyanborghini’ badges front and rear, ‘Purracan’ floor mats, custom wheels and hot pink brake calipers.

Since then, Deadmau5 has been relentlessly trolling Ferrari at every possible opportunity, flashing the Nyanborghini in their faces and frequently calling them out on social media.

Deadmau5 Purracan 3


Lamborghini naturally kept pretty quiet about the entire affair, while even Nissan jumped in on the fun, releasing a mocked up image of a Nyancat-ed GT-R.

Since that entire affair broke, the Nyan Cat meme has faded into obscurity – despite, we’re sure, repeated efforts to revive it by its creators. As such, the ‘Purracan’ has hit the market, listed by Deadmau5 in the US for a princely sum of about AU$290,000.

Deadmau5 Purracan 4


Zimmermann insists that the Nyan Cat wrap and calipers can be restored to their original factory form, and that the Huracan itself has a mere 1400 miles on the clock. Considering most similar Huracans for sale in Australia are fetching prices around the $400,000 mark, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all considering you’re also buying a very, very rare piece of dance music history.

Deadmau5 Purracan 5