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One Point Twenty One Jigawatts Of Nostalgia Is Up For Sale

By Mitch Babbs

Tue Mar 23 2021

By the year 2015 we were expecting hoverboards, dehydrated pizzas the size of a 50c piece that could feed a family, and on-board fusion reactors powering our flying vehicles. Well, it’s 2021 now and we’ve got the odd electric car rolling around, but the rest is a fantasy.

If those things I just mentioned made sense to you, you’re probably pretty familiar with the Back To The Future series. If that’s the case, it might interest you to know that a custom-built 1981 Delorean DMC-12 is currently being auctioned off in America in support of the Michael J. Fox foundation.

The fundraiser has been kicked off by Expedition: Back To The Future, co-hosted by Christopher Lloyd (aka Emmett “Doc” Brown) and is expected to fetch up to $500,000USD (~$650,000AUD). Great Scott.

The Expedition crew has been hunting for each of the five original Deloreans used in production of the trilogy. This one is unfortunately not one of those five vehicles.

It does, however, does contain a tonne of the bits and pieces used in the stunt vehicle, like the original flux capacitor (packed with one point twenty-one jigawatts) and the Mr. Fusion Home Reactor that makes its first appearance in Back To The Future 2.

The 2.8L V6 with three-speed automatic transmission won’t be winning too many drag races against Needles’ gang or anyone else, but then again, that way it won’t end up crashing into any Rolls Royces either.

This Delorean also has a tonne of other weird quirks, like a Roentgen meter to keep an eye on the radiation coming off the plutonium flux capacity, a smoke machine that pumps through the vents and into the cabin, and a remote control that lets you control brake, accelerator, and power-down functions remotely -- those last two are strictly for demonstration purposes only.

Unfortunately for all of us duded-up, egg suckin’ gutter trash here in Australia, this gull-wing icon is only available to US bidders.