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Disc Brakes Australia: Quality You Can Count On

By Andrew Palmer

Wed Nov 12 2014

In the fast and furious world of motor racing, the ability to brake safely and efficiently is absolutely essential.

As one of country’s premier supplier of disc brakes, Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) base their reputation on crafting a solid range of superior products that people can rely on, and although they specialise in helping vehicles to stop, these guys continue to pick up some serious momentum amongst the motoring community.

DBA have been manufacturing safety for over 30 years, and from the very start, their passion, extensive knowledge and unrivalled innovation has lead the company to become a colossal supplier of top quality disc brakes – not only in Australia, but to a thriving global market.

DBA’s latest offerings come in the form of their EN-Shield rust free rotors – that are a high-quality aftermarket replacement for your worn discs.

These premium disc brakes offer a direct replacement for original equipment (OE) and feature ingenious ‘Kangaroo’s Paw’ venting which has been custom designed for maximum heat dissipation and superior stopping performance.

EN-Shield rotors feature:

  • Full protection against rust and environmental attack
  • Ready to go for a quick and easy fit
  • Baked on protective coating that covers the entire disc inside and out
  • Special coating designed not to contaminate brake pad



Basically, when it comes to safety, you can’t compromise, and DBA are well aware of that fact. As one of Australia’s most respected and trusted manufacturers of quality disc brakes, you simply can’t go wrong with DBA’s premium range of braking products.


If you think your OE is in serious need of an overhaul, why not hop on over the Spares Box and take a look at the DBA disc brakes and products we have to offer.