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Product Review: Insurance for Your Internals – the Drivetech 4×4 Fuel Manager

By Brad Nash

Mon Jun 22 2015

Diesel engines are truly fascinating things. For a relatively low price, the diesel engine in almost any modern car offers a staggering amount of precision when it comes to things such as fuel injection. When something operates at such a high pressure with such a level of precision, any outside interference or contaminants can create pretty massive problems pretty quickly.


Operating a 4×4 off-road, it’s crucial that every system of your vehicle is working as reliably as possible, and a fuel management system is a great addition to any diesel engine to help protect both its precision and reliability. The Drivetech 4×4 Fuel Manager is essentially insurance for your fuel system, acting as a pre-filter and removing 99% of fuel contaminants before it even reaches the filter originally placed in your car. By fitting a Fuel Manager, you know that every stroke the cleanest, purest fuel possible is being injected into your engine.


Any water getting into a diesel engine can be absolutely disastrous, and with the varying quality of Diesel fuel available in rural areas, this can be a problem that both generates thousands of dollars in repair bills AND leaves you stranded. For this very reason, The Fuel Manager also includes a fuel/water separator (the small clear bowl at the bottom) to make sure absolutely no water or contaminants are entering your diesel engine.


Image: Drivetech 4×4


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