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The Sparesbox 6 Song Soundtrack to Driving Pleasure: Brad

By Brad Nash

Tue Sep 08 2015

You can’t beat the feeling of putting your foot down when the ultimate driving song starts blasting over your car’s stereo, and here at Spares Box we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide the finest list of driving songs to suit all ages and tastes, whether you’re on the highway or hitting the track, there’s a tune in here to get your adrenalin pumping or wash your road rage away.

We want to guide you on the musical journey that leads to pure automotive pleasure, 6 songs at a time, delivered by the most passionate drivers and music enthusiasts alike that make up our staff. I’ll be taking the reigns for the first edition.


What makes a great driving song for me?

I’m not entirely sure there’s a defined formula for a driving song. You’re bound to find songs like Danger Zonealong the way during this series, but I’m not really about that. Not to say I don’t like energy in a good driving song, there’s definitely some of that in this list. For me, driving generally turns into a period of reflection though, and the songs I like to listen to while I drive tend to accentuate that. I’ve tried to find a balance in my list between the smooth and the rough, nighttime and day time, all that sort of stuff.

Warning: Some of these songs may contain explicit language.


Kasabian – L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)


This song will always be a little bit special to me. For me, it was the reminder that there was something left in British Music to keep fighting following the death of Britpop. Bands like Kasabian helped to remind British youth in the 2000’s that there was more to music than the drivel you’d get from Pop Idol or The X-Factor, and this song perhaps sums them up the best. Proper English lad rock, done well, to keep you bouncing while you drive and put a smile on your face.


Ta-Ku ft. JMSN & Sango – Love Again


This is the perfect nighttime driving song to me. It’s down-tempo but with a steady beat, JMSN has an amazing voice, and layered over the top a perfect piano riff to keep you alert while you’re feeling a bit reflective. It has a soulful vibe perfectly balanced with a bit of future beats, just enough to test out your sound system while you cruise on home and wind down for the day.


Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out


That. Guitar. Riff. It literally never gets old, and despite the fact that this song came out over 10 years ago (feeling old?), it’s only this year that I’ve really come to like it. Much like the first song in this list, Franz Ferdinand were one of the true great British bands of the 2000’s, and their entire debut album is worth a listen. Double-head it with Arctic Monkeys’ first album for the ultimate sense of nostalgia. If this song doesn’t have you air guitaring in your car at least once, I worry for you.


Justice – Waters of Nazareth



This song had been featured on a Top Gear Car Review at least once a season until the -cough-unpleasantness of earlier this year. Whether we’ll continue to hear the Parisian duo’s angry bass and savage electronics in the first series of the new show, I guess only time (and an Amazon prime subscription) will tell. At the end of the day though, if it’s good enough to listen to while Clarkson screeches around the test track in a Lamborghini, it’s good enough for me and my Suzuki Swift. POWWEEERRRRRRR.


SebastiAn – Embody


I’ve been listening to this song for 7 or 8 years now, and for the life of me I still don’t know what the lyrics are, but judging from the video I’m guessing it’s about dancing. That being said, dancing is exactly what it will make you do. Try and not nod your head. I dare you. Go on. For that reason exactly in that last 7 or 8 years, I don’t think I’ve ever skipped this song. Stick it in your playlist, forget about it and then feel the smile creep back on your face when it comes on and you’re reminded it exists. P.s. bet you wish you could dance like that kid, don’t you?


James Brown ft. The J.B.’s – The Boss


I could probably make a whole new list on hip hop tracks, soulful tracks and the like, all of which channel the same sort of vibe as this song, but at the end of the day it was actually this song that inspired me to create this series of articles. That gorgeous jazz guitar rift was first embedded into me when I watched Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels for the first time, and no other song will do quite as well for a nighttime cruise through the city. Drive slow, feel the soul and think yourself a little more urbane. It’s good fun, I promise.