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E3 2017 – Forza Motorsport 7, GT Sport, and the Best Racing Games Set to Hit Your Console

By Brad Nash

Tue Jun 13 2017

As car lovers and enthusiasts of anything techy, expensive and indulgent, we love a racing game here at Sparesbox, and as such the annaul E3 convention always generates a hotbed of discussion around our office. Once again, the conference has delivered some serious goods.

Of course, dominating race-related headlines has been the unveiling of Forza Motorsport 7, one of the flagship games to be released in sync with Microsoft’s insanely powered, 4K-capable XBox One X console.

Of course, a racing institution like Forza couldn’t have a simple game launch, and Porsche took the opportunity to unveil its new GT2RS (the most powerful road-going 911 in history, might we add) to the world at the same time. Naturally, both look absolutely insane. Check out the unveiling below.


Forza have gone all out, aiming to make the most dynamic, immersive and comprehensive racing game in history. Over 700 cars will be available, with brand new dynamic weather, a host of the world’s most famous circuits and driving roads, and of course that perfect playability that has made Forza probably the most popular racing series of the past decade.

The question that remains on everyone’s lips is this: with Forza (a famously Xbox Only product) making such a dramatic leap for total domination of the racing market, where is Playstation’s response?

Of course, this is set to come later this year in the form of Gran Turismo Sport. Touted by Playstation and Polyphonics as the most immersive, realistic racing title ever to come to Playstation, GT Sport was unveiled a year ago to great excitement with announcements that drivers will compete in online world championships, sanctioned by the FIA.


With its heavy motorsport focus, Gran Turismo’s recent PS3 titles have also famously produced real life drivers for the Nissan GT Academy.

Now though, a year on from its initial unveiling, aside from a few teaser trailers and some beta gameplay floating around youtube, up until this morning news was scarcer than ever as to what GT Sport would really be like, let alone when it was due to release.


Now though, Polyphonics have dropped two fresh new trailers and FINALLY announced that GT Sport is set for a Spring 2017 release. While they haven’t revealed much in the way of gameplay features, it’s clear that they’re intent on making this game less about collecting cars, and more about boiling this into a pure, competitive motorsport experience. The 4K graphics and physics are also a sight to behold by themselves.