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Emoji Number Plates Are Now A Thing In QLD

By Linda Quan

Tue Oct 22 2019

If it wasn’t enough to spell out your name with letters and numbers, you can now add emojis to your number plate in Queensland. As of February this year, you can choose to add a single emoji to the end of your license plate alongside the usual 5 characters.

However, you can only pick from a range of 5 face emojis: the crying-laughing emoji, the sunglasses emoji, the heart-eyes emoji, the winking emoji and the smiling emoji. Unfortunately, other emojis aren’t an option at the moment.  

According to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), it wasn’t much of a stretch to include emojis on number plates, considering that Queensland already allows sports team logos, business logos and the “I [heart emoji]”.

“For quite some time, we’ve seen that you can support your favorite team or your favourite town with a symbol on your number plate,” said Rebecca Michael, spokesperson for the RACQ. “And using an emoji is no different.”   

However, emoji number plates won’t come cheap. Classic plates start at $175 but adding an emoji to the end of your plate will cost an extra $300, bringing the total to $475 at the very least. Would you pay an extra $300 for a single emoji?

Emoji number plates also bring about an extra layer of complication to the reason why we have number plates in the first place – identification.

Picture this scenario. You’ve been hit by a driver who didn’t look both ways when they reversed out of their driveway. No biggie, just a minor scrape. You stop your car and get out, exchange details, the usual.

Now it’s time to write down their number plate. There’s a… crying-laughing emoji? You wonder how you’re going to describe it to your insurance company. “No, not that one… the laughing one! You know, that face you send your mate when you want to tell them their joke is hilarious but it’s really not!”

However, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) reassures that emojis won’t be considered part of the vehicle registration and will simply be decoration.    

“The emojis will not be read by number plate recognition software. The emoji characters will be part of the background plate design, not the five-character plate combination that forms a vehicle registration,” said the PPQ.

Well, that’s a relief. If emoji plates turn out to be a big success in Queensland, the PPQ might just expand their repertoire and perhaps other states will adopt the practice. And if emojis aren’t your thing, you can still personalise your car with a coloured number plate cover or a sleek new vinyl wrap – check out our sweet range of Exterior Accessories here!