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Event Coverage: Auto Italia 2016

By James Andrew

Tue Apr 05 2016

Sunday the 3rd of April was the date of the Annual Auto Italia car show for 2016. Never ones to back away from an early morning drive, we hit the road at a frosty 3am and made our way to Old Parliament House for a look at what it had to offer. It certainly didn’t disappoint and arriving early meant we were treated to a symphony of wonderful sounds as  everything from big multi-cylinder engines from the 60’s to pocket rocket 1.4L’s taxied their way into the park.
While we endeavoured to photograph everything we could there was so much to look at throughout the day we haven’t been able to include every car. If car shows are your thing we recommend marking the date in your 2017 diary now!


The star of the show for us was this Lancia Delta HF Integrale in factory fresh white and retaining its original LHD configuration. There were actually 2 in attendance and we would’ve been happy to take either one home with us.





No Italian car show would be complete without a large collection of 105-series Alfa Romeo’s. This wide-body GTA was a sight to behold and we bet it’s a bundle of laughs at the track. The Salmon pink on this particular Giulia Super was a topic of hot debate and seemed to polarise opinions. It’s not a colour I would have chosen myself but it complemented the car!





Possibly the most iconic Italian car of the late 20th Century, The lone F40 had a crowd around it all day and with good reason. When was the last time you saw one this close?



This Fiat Niki deserves a special mention for the pure insanity of it! A 1.7L Alfa 33 Boxer engine sits snug behind the front seats and helps the little Niki see 215km/ph at the end of Conrod straight. Not an activity for the faint of heart!





The Alfetta GTV is always well represented at any Italian car gathering and this was no exception including yours truly. They did come in colours besides red believe it or not! We even ran into a customer who had noticed our Spares Box window stickers! A Lancia Fulvia is always a pleasure to see and this one complete with period decals was picture perfect.



Only one Alfa Romeo Montreal was in attendance but this was a case of quality trumping quantity. its particular shade of orange screamed 1970’s sports-car and wouldn’t look out of place alongside the Riviera









The Fiat 124 Spider is still a viable alternative to the more common first generation MX-5. It was great to have a better look at the old one with the new Fiat 124 so close to release. The more popular 124 Sport was in greater abundance and “MAD:124” is a common sight at Italian car shows. Its both Supercharged and turbocharged and makes a sound like nothing else on planet Earth!




All in all it was worth the trip and we’re itching to go back next year with a Third or fourth alfa in tow. If Italian cars and a relaxed atmosphere are your things then we recommend saving this in your diaries for 2017 and making the drive down to Canberra! We’ll see you there.