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EXEDY: World-Class Clutch Kits

By Peter Mackinnon

Fri May 06 2016

A lot of us like to modify our machines, right? For many of us, pulling out original equipment and replacing it with aftermarket improvements is what owning your own car is all about. When those improvements enhance overall performance and take your driving experience to a new level, we have to be honest and say life doesn’t get much better. For those who love to race, the right clutch upgrade can be the difference between glory and failure. For modified cars that take to the street, a new clutch kit is one of the most satisfying improvements that can be made… if you get it right!

With that said, EXEDY is a worldwide brand that is all about getting it right, all about pushing the limits of performance. Proud to be a Tier 1 supplier of OEM clutches, EXEDY is no stranger to the exacting demands of original vehicle manufacturers throughout Japan, the US and Europe. However, for those of us who want our cars to go faster than they ever have, to respond quicker, we have to go beyond OEM.

If ever EXEDY needed to prove its status as the world leader in performance clutch solutions, then its place in the world of motorsport can confirm it. Its performance clutch products have been fitted to a number of Formula 1 and Moto GP championship-winning vehicles, meaning EXEDY has been, and still is, the brand of choice for many of the most innovative racing teams around. The facts are that EXEDY has been fitted to the most advanced vehicles in the world, and has put its drivers on the podium time and time again. EXEDY has an undisputed place at the pinnacle of motorsport – testament to its world-class quality.

It will come as no surprise, then, that EXEDY prides itself on providing perfection to overall performance and safety assurance, never settling for second best. For example, EXEDY Multi Plate Performances Clutches are put together by hand before the assembled product is strictly assessed for clamp load and release characteristics. EXEDY produces performance and racing solutions for those who expect the best, from motorsport teams to savvy enthusiasts. We at Spares Box offer three performances ranges on top of OEM clutch kits. Here is a quick rundown on what our EXEDY products do. Further information is available on our EXEDY Buying Guide.

Image: Drakes Direct

Racing Clutch Kit

The choice of many teams and competitors in professional motorsports, the EXEDY Racing Clutch Kit range is designed to bring powerful vehicles to the next level. The range includes the Single Sports Series, Hyper Metal Series, and Hyper Carbon Series, which are each designed to withstand extreme heat, reduce clutch wear and improve pedal feel. The Hyper Carbon Series is EXEDY’s ultimate clutch kit, it was originally designed exclusively for use in Formula 1, and takes carbon clutch technology to the next level.


Sports Tuff Kit

The EXEDY Sports Tuff Clutch Kit range offer heavy duty clutch kits that are all about clamping force and reliability. Ideal for cars used on the streets each day and in motorsport, it’s designed to deal with the added demands of driving a performance car by range offering a more direct pedal feel on the most powerful of setups.


Safari Tuff Kit

The EXEDY Safari Tuff Clutch Kit range is the holy grail for Australia’s dedicated off-road adventurers. It is made for 4×4 enthusiasts seeking comfortable pedal feel no matter how tough the terrain gets. EXEDY’s Safari Tuff Clutch Kit uses a cover assembly that is purpose-engineered for the off-road, boasting increased clamp load and anti-corrosion properties. The EXEDY Safari Clutch Kit has led several world champions in renowned off-road competitions including the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge and the Australian Safari. It is tailor made to endure the off-road, no doubt about it.


EXEDY performance clutch kits are the real deal for those who never settle for the car that came out the factory. For serious racers, for dedicated modification lovers, there’s only one way to go for pedal feel that cannot be matched. Spares Box is proud to welcome EXEDY to the team.