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Introducing the Main Players in the World of Car Filters

By Brad Nash

Fri Jul 31 2015

Automotive filters come in such a huge range of shapes, sizes and variants it almost boggles the mind. Since they’re relatively cheap to produce and always in incredible demand by motorists looking to get a service or increase the performance of their vehicle, a slew of companies have made filtration their main priority, becoming household names in the process. In looking for your filtration solution, it’s good to learn what some of these brands stand for, and which one will serve you best.


K&N Filters 



The official filter of NASCAR and many other performance enthusiasts, K&N generally specialise in the kind of filters that will boost your vehicle’s performance as much as possible. They’ve been the trusted choice of race teams, tuners and general car enthusiasts for years, and they produce a huge range of filtration products for all manner of customers, from those just looking for a simple performance upgrade, to the racing elite. They make a great range of high-flow air filters, and filter replacement induction kits for an even bigger performance boost. They also make oil filters which are made to deal with high-viscosity performance oils. All K&N filters have an excellent warranty, and will last the distance.

MANN Filter 



MANN Filter have essentially been the premium choice in filtration for decades. They have the classic air of german efficiency, effectiveness and production quality, and have honed their craft over the decades to make some of the most effective and widely available filters on the roads today. As such, many high-end european car manufacturers choose MANN Filters for their original equipment filters, and if you’re after a luxury level of filtration that’s worthy of some of the most elite cars on the road, this company is worth the extra money.





Ryco are just another one of Sparesbox’ Australian success stories. Founded over 70 years ago, Ryco have established themselves as the go-to for mechanics, dealers and manufacturers Australia-wide. They offer great value for money, and really represent the obvious choice for most Australian drivers with their balance between price and quality. Every Ryco filter is designed to either meet or exceed original equipment standards.





Wesfil have long been seen as the value choice for the simple motorist who wants an easy, no-frills solution for their car. They offer a huge range to suit cars both young and old, and are the best choice to keep your vehicle’s running costs as low as possible. No other company offers the same value for money for their filters, and if you want quality without skimping, Wesfil always makes a great choice.


Finding your perfect balance between value and performance is the key to making sure you keep the running costs of your car down as much as possible. Take a look here to check out what all the different filters in your car do, and if you want to ramp up your performance, read on here.