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Fuel’s Gold – Simple, Shrewd Tips on Saving

By Peter Mackinnon

Wed Jan 20 2016

Nobody likes being broke. The thought of money that could easily be saved going down the drain is enough to make me, a Scotsman and therefore fully-qualified tight-fisted human being, shudder. And I’m sure it doesn’t please any Australian either. When it comes to your car fuel, you could be forgiven for thinking that the hole it burns in your pocket is just one of those things, something you just need to deal with. Other than not driving your car, you might think there aren’t many ways that you can save money on fuel. The good news is that is not entirely true – you can make easy changes that are proven to make your petrol station visits less frequent. Since we’re all so helpful here at Spares Box, we’re going to give you those tips on how to save fuel in the long run.


Drive Economically

Squeeze out a few more kilometres per tankful by maintaining a consistent speed on your journey. Simply driving smoothly and at a steady pace is enough to save fuel, and therefore money. If you drive in the city, don’t rush from the traffic lights like you’re at Bathurst – there is no need for full throttle, and certainly no financial benefit. On the motorway, use cruise control and go the speed limit. Driving any faster is a guarantee of hugely increased fuel consumption (amongst other problems!).


Lose Weight

Get rid of excess items like roof racks, removable seats, golf clubs, boxes of old stuff you forgot existed – that kind of thing. These reduce your cars aerodynamic drag, which can contribute immensely to overall efficiency. If you can tackle this problem head-on you have a sure-fire solution to your fuel economy problems. Weight loss makes your wallet fat.


Check Tyres

A lot of cars on the road have tyres that are under-inflated, and a lot of motorists aren’t even aware of it. Check your tyre pressure every week or so, by doing this you can reduce rolling resistance to minuscule levels. Keep your tyre pressure at the recommended level (check your manual), or slightly above it if you want to be really prudent. Under-inflated tyres mean inflated outgoings. Keep them pumped up.


Filter out the Dirt

Finally, something that shouldn’t be overlooked is the importance of air filters. Keep in mind that these filters are constantly pulling in air – they don’t get a second’s respite when the accelerator is down. Therefore, if you drive in dusty conditions – sounds familiar, right? – your filters are going to get dirty, and this means a loss of performance and an increase in fuel usage. You can make life so much easier for yourself by investing in a good air filter, and by changing them as and when required – we recommend every year at least. Take a look at our Ryco stock, all of their filters are great quality and provide hassle-free fitment.


Fixed for Fuel

Easy, right? These rules are pretty simple to follow and will benefit you hugely over time. Getting more bang for your buck doesn’t need to be rocket science – spend wisely!