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Game On! Bilstein HD vs Sport

By Beatrice McBride

Fri Aug 05 2016

As the games in Rio continue on, it’s game on for two ranges within Bilstein’s Shock Absorbers. Welcome to the arena Bilstein B6 Sports Shocks and Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty Shocks. Hey, guess what? The power lays in your hands, you get to decide who wins! It all depends on what you’re after when it comes to deciding between Sports Shocks and Heavy Duty Shocks.


But let’s back track a bit, it’s always good to have a bit of back story.


Bilstein have led the way in shock absorber and suspension technology for over 50 years and provide millions of shock absorbers every year for every kind of driver across the globe. They are adjustable which is probably their single biggest selling point.


Choosing who’s going to win is particularly important, given you are putting in that extra investment for the best performance. Bilstein Shocks may be a little on the pricey side but it’s worth it for world-renowned performance that comes in miles ahead.


Alrighty, so both of these bad boys (both the sports and heavy duty ranges) are premium manufactured and tested in Germany in some of the world’s best high-performance vehicles. “What does that mean?” I hear you asking: It means you get the effects of increased performance and stability wherever or whatever you may be driving.



Competitor Number One : Bilstein B6 Sport Shocks

  • The perfect entry into the world of high-performance shock absorbers. Suitable for track day use and aggressive street driving. Vroom, vroom!
  • Monotube design which enhances performance and safety on both the track and the road.
  • Maintains standard spring height and can be used with your vehicle’s OE (original equipment) springs while still improving performance.
  • Tested for use in both extreme track conditions and day-to-day driving.



Competitor Number Two : Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty Shocks

  • Ideal choice for most vehicles, including sedans, SUVs and trucks
  • Again, monotube design which enhances performance and safety without sacrificing ride comfort.
  • Offer super damping ability, making them ideal for drivers who demand superior performance, while still maintaining that exceptional street ride experience.


Who’s your winner? Do you need something for aggressive street driving or are you more of a heavy duty kinda individual? I guess we’ll never know, unless of course you get on the site and buy some ????