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Get Shocked! Monroe and KYB Shock Absorbers

By Beatrice McBride

Fri Aug 05 2016

First things first, don’t know what shock absorbers do? Head here. Bam! Problem Solved! Next! Okay, now you want to know a little more because a little more knowledge never hurt nobody!

So, you want to replace your worn out shock absorbers or maybe you want to upgrade them to a brand new level of awesomeness but in a world of endless shock absorber possibilities you’re having a little trouble choosing. Let us try and shed some light on a frequently asked question.

‘What’s the difference between Monroe and KYB shock absorbers?’

Well, both are top tier brands that provide a variety of high-quality replacement shock absorbers. SO what the hell’s the difference? Here’s a little look at each brand.

Monroe Shock Absorbers



An American company celebrating 100 years this year, Monroe created one of the first complete, ready-to-install strut assemblies. Looking at $66.95 upwards per shock, Monroe Shock Absorbers are designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Monroe has branded themselves as delivering, “both a soft, comfortable ride and firm vehicle handling.”

They use technologies that are designed to match or exceed OE (original equipment) specifications; making these shocks best suited to restore your OE ride control.

If you’re looking for a quality replacement that’s not too fancy and you like their vision of, “Pioneering global ideas for cleaner, quieter and safer transportation,” then get on the Monroe bandwagon.


KYB Shock Absorber

KYB originally hails from the land of delicious sushi, Tokyo, Japan.

A Japanese heavyweight in aftermarket and OE suspension solutions, their reputation for quality shock absorbers is well known in the industry.

bullet train

Cool fact; KYB are the chosen suspension supplier for Japan’s Shinkansen Bullet Trains that travel up to 300 kilometres per hour and transport millions of passengers daily!

Proud recipients of the Deming Prize, the world’s oldest and most prestigious global award for total quality control, you can be sure they must be pretty damn good.

Sitting at $89.95 per shock absorbers upwards, KYB have a massive range of shock absorbers to suit a variety of needs.

For those who follow normal driving standards Excel Shock Absorbers are designed to restore your vehicles al natural OE performance. GAS-A-STRUTS deliver a firmer ride with more control for all you drivers out there that like to take it to the limit.

Got a heavy load to carry? Then let KYB take some of the weight. For 4X4 applications, KYB have also made a range of premium shock absorbers made to deliver outstanding resistance to high temperatures and pressures that come as a result of all that heavy-duty driving, load carrying and off roading. That range comes under the fitting name of Skorched.

So if you like Japanese attention to detail, then get your KYB strut on!


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